Financial Preparedness through Extra Streams of Income

I have always been a proponent of building multiple streams of income.  I just think in our current economic situation, that preppers should prepare not only by storing food, water, etc…,but also by creating other opportunities where they could earn income to either save for a rainy day, pay down debt or purchase items that they couldn’t otherwise afford.


The place where most people get hung up on when considering ways to build multiple streams of income is, “Where do I start?


The truth is, unless you spend all your free time in front of the TV, there are hobbies and things that you do right now that can bring in extra income.  I will share a few ideas below, but first, let me help some of you that might be struggling with “what to do.”


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Why is taking a little time to “flesh out” creativity important?  I mean, come on, you could just “BE CREATIVE.”


When it comes to being creative, I can speak from experience.  The times that I have taken time to reflect and focus on inspirational ebooks, podcasts and articles have been very good to me.  For example, after the last mini-podcast/mini-course that I listened to, I came away with the inspiration and courage to launch Top Prepper Websites.  TPW has become very popular and has become a blessing to many other bloggers and websites in the Preparedness Community.


It is the creative people that come up with the ideas that eventually earn income!  Why can’t that be you?


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You can sign up for more info. about the ebooks and ecourses at the bottom of this page.  But first, let me give you some ideas of how to create multiple streams of income using some of the ideas in the bundle.


Ideas to Create Multiple Streams of Income



High-School Graduation Pics – As an educator, I have become “friends” with former students.  I like to see how they are maturing and how they are succeeding.  Some, I have to hide because, well…they are not making good decisions and I can’t stay quiet…just sayin’.


One of the things that I have seen recently is a whole lot of graduation pics in my Facebook feed.  These former students, or really their parents, hire a photographer, go somewhere with nice scenery and snap away.


Taking pics isn’t really that hard.  But what if you offered to do some for free with the understanding that they will share your contact information or website with their friends?  Some of these students have thousands of friends on social media!  I know all about this because I recently went through this with one of my kids.  It is a big deal!


My family was also the beneficiary of a woman who was just passing by when we tried to take some family pics.  She was out taking a walk and offered to go back to her place to grab her camera.  She took great pics, put them on a flash drive and asked us to just spread her name.  This only cost us $5, the cost of the flash drive.  We got professional pics in return!


You can also do weddings, kids sports games, birthday parties, events, etc…  The possibilities are endless!


The DIY Bundle contains 2 ecourses and 4 ebooks on photography.  It also contains one ebook on using Pic Monkey to edit pics online for free!


Child Care with a Twist


I was speaking with my wife’s niece the other day.  She is starting to offer child care for special events.  She will go to your wedding, corporate party, etc… and bring games and activities to entertain kids while you have a night out.


Again, I would do some for free at first to get the hang of it and perfect all of the procedures.  I would ask for testimonials from those who received free child care and I would start to position myself as an expert in the field by sharing my business on social media and putting myself at the top of local Google searches.


The DIY Bundle contains 2 ebooks on social media and 1 ebook on writing.


Sewing – The Lost Art


Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about sewing.  I don’t know anyone who really sews anymore.  If things ever go “SOUTH,” there will be a need for people who can sew.  But, you don’t have to wait till SHTF, here are some ideas…


  • Offer a service to hem pants and sew on buttons.  You could go to homes or businesses, do the measurements and then work from home.  Of course, be careful and use your wisdom.  Also, see the link above about setting yourself up locally on Google.
  • Create custom pillow names for baby nurseries or other type of events.
  • Start a one week “day camp” during the summer where young kids can learn to sew.  They would create one item a day.
  • Start an evening class where you teach older woman to sew.  Sidenote – My wife attended one of these on creating custom jewelry.  She does some awesome work and always sells them for a nice profit!
  • Make quilts!  Good quilts sell for a lot of money.  My mother-in-law had one made with all the football team jerseys my brother-in-law played on as a kid.  It was huge…and a cool way to save all those jerseys!


In reality, there are a ton of things you can do with sewing…  The DIY Bundle contains 11 ebooks in this category.  There “might” be another help here too….but I can’t say just yet! 😉


I just scratched the surface of ways you could use the DIY Bundle.  I could go on, but this is getting long.  Below you can sign-up to receive more info. about the DIY Bundle…all for $34.95!  If you want to skip the FREE mini-course on creativity (I wouldn’t), you can “Get Notified” when the DIY Bundle goes on sale by clicking here!