Home and Mobile Battery Bank DIY Video


There are a few people in the preparedness world that I stop what I’m doing when I get to listen to a podcast, watch a video or read an article. One of those people is Steven Harris.

I first became aware of Steven, waaaay before Prepper Website. As a newbie prepper, I had stumbled on his Emergency Preparedness classes (free audio download). I thought they were so useful that I made copies for every family at church.

Later, I heard Steven on The Survival Podcast with Jack Spirko and I have listened to everyone of the podcasts that he was featured on. On one of the TSP podcasts, Steven talked about how to build your own battery bank. I learned a lot from the podcast, but I learned then, that Steven had come out with a 4 1/2 hour video that went into a whole lot more detail.

The video is the product of Steven’s many hours of research in alternative power sources. I’m glad I purchased the video. This is a true DIY video and covers much more detail than an article or even a podcast can go into.

When you purchase the download, you will get:
• 3 videos in 720 HD video format
• Complete step by step on how to make your own emergency home battery bank, from a simple build to a multiple battery build.
• Battery selection in detail.
• How to set up your battery.
• How to hook up the inverter, battery monitors and other fail safes.
• Step by step on how to make a mobile version of this battery bank for a pickup truck.
• And explicit details on hooking up a solar panel to the battery bank (home or mobile).

Building your own battery bank station is so much cheaper than buying one that comes in a ready made package for $1500. I built mine for under $250.

Running some LED lights and some fans during an extended power outage can be a lifesaver!

There is a lot to consider when building a battery charging station. Before you spend a lot of money and make costly mistakes, it is well worth it to purchase this video download. The video costs $35.  To purchase the video – click here.*

Below is my battery bank.  I have it in the garage, not the best place with the temp. changes.  I’ll be moving it in to the house as soon as I can make some room.  There are two marine batteries on the second shelf.  The tote below holds extension cords, LED lights, plugs and more.


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