Survival Still Webinar

I was very excited to be able to partner with Glenn Meder of Survival Still to bring the Prepper Website community his free webinar on
Understanding Red Cross Recommendations for Treating Water In an Emergency.”  Glenn shared the 3 recommended ways to provide safe, drinking water for your family in any emergency situation.

You know, if you have followed PW for any amount of time, that I believe that water is the most important prep!  I have written about it before and I have mentioned it in my email newsletter and various podcasts that I have been interviewed on.  It is the prep that I have redundancies on top of redundancies for!  That’s why I believe this webinar is so important!

As a gift for listening to the webinar, Glenn provided those that participated with a free ebook on the things that he taught.  He does this so that you have the information available and at hand  in an emergency.  He also offered the Prepper Website community a deal that would help to insure that you and your family have clean drinking water in any emergency.

But if you didn’t get to listen to the webinar on Tuesday night, you still have a chance to listen to this important info.  Glenn is planning on leaving the webinar up till this Thursday.  That means that you still get to take advantage of listening to his valuable presentation on water, his free ebook and his special offer.

Click Here – to listen to a recorded version of the webinar. 

One last thing, Glenn answers audience questions regarding some  water “prepper” myths.  You might be interested in listening to those along the way!