The Last Pilgrims

Preppers are about to get a dose of something special in The Last Pilgrims, a new post-apocalyptic novel that launches this Friday (2/24/12).  The early reviews are consistent, “There is a lot of action, and intrigue, and twists and turns to the tale. The characters are interesting and, in some cases, very endearing.   All the great themes that you want in a good book are in The Last Pilgrims.” (Herrick Kimball, The Deliberate Agrarian)

Tired of the typical post-apocalyptic novel where biker gangs terrorize whoever survives the collapse? Or the survival fiction that requires the characters to have access to a ton of stored food, silver, water purification, an armory, and the ultimate underground millionaire bunker?

Yes, these have all been done before… and they are not exactly realistic fiction.

However, what if history repeated itself (which it occasionally does…) and things that happened in the past happened again in the future?

What would it look like?  Who would survive and why?  What wars and challenges would these people face?

20 Years in the Future is 500 Years in the Past…

Enter The Last Pilgrims by Michael Bunker (author of the best-selling book Surviving Off Off-Grid).  This fictional novel takes realistic off-grid concepts and applies it to those that are living 20 years after the collapse.

The characters in The Last Pilgrims become likeable after only a few chapters.  The story line is engaging and quickly becomes engrossing.  Some who read early versions of the book described it as like waiting to find out what happened in the next episode of “Lost”.

This story is also for those that liked the Jericho T.V. series.  And for those that like the popular Hunger Games, this could be their next big thing.

The Last Pilgrims is being self-published, and so to have the biggest impact possible (to compete with “the big boys”) the author has decided to do a book bomb to increase awareness.  On 2/24/12 as many people as possible will buy the book on to drive it up the rankings and hopefully set the new standard in self-published post-apocalyptic fiction.  This will increase exposure and promote a book that not only has a great story but also has lessons for those preparing for the big one.

So join in Friday and help make The Last Pilgrims the personal hit of the prepper community.  While you wait you can check out the book trailers, read the reviews, spread the word on Facebook, and read about “Why You Should Care”.