Shame on you Michael Bunker for writing this book!  The theme toys with my own soul as I manage this world, but more on that later, maybe.

Clay Richter is fed up.  He’s a man who has come to the conclusion that he lives in a prison of his own making, choosing the bars instead of the freedom that is readily available to him. With a simple decision to say “no” to the concrete world around him and “yes” to a life of hard work and satisfaction, he leaves Brooklyn for his home in Ithaca.

Clay leaves the big city in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with a minimalist backpack.  Along the way he encounters individuals that help to put words to his thoughts, show him that kindness is still a human tendency and many are just as frustrated, but even more wide awake than he is.

This is not a survival or prepper story.  This isn’t a religious or political one either.  This story is about a call that every human has in their heart to live free and the chains and manipulations that outside forces place on us to squash that freedom.

Wick is a prequel to Bunker’s post-apocalyptical work, The Last Pilgrim.   The Last Pilgrim sits on my shelf.  I have had it for a while, but haven’t been able to read it because I have been so busy and committed to other book reviews.  However, reading Wick has peeked my interest and I’m assuming it will yours too, if you haven’t read it.

So, I’ll choose to not open my “own soul” to you here. But I would recommend reading Wick and then checking out The Last Pilgrim too.

You can purchase W1CK for .99 from Amazon – Click Here!  Watch the VID Trailer below.
You can purchase The Last Pilgrims from Amazon too – Click Here!

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