Aluminum foil has a lot of uses that are essential to preppers. Here are 10 survival uses of aluminum foil.

1. Sharpen scissors

It is important to keep your tools sharp every time so that you will have something good to use during an emergency situation. To sharpen your scissors using aluminum foil all you have to do is get some foil, fold it twice or thrice then cut it using your scissors. Cutting the foil sharpens your scissors.

2. Fix loose batteries

If your flashlight is working intermittently there might be a problem in the battery compartment. The springs can lose tension after a period of time which makes the batteries loose. To fix this problem get a small piece of aluminum foil fold it until it is thick enough to fill the slack.

3. Make a frying pan

You can use an aluminum foil to make a frying pan in case you want to cook something but you don’t have anything to cook on. Making an improvised frying pan using aluminum foil is easy: all you need is aluminum foil and two large sticks. Wrap the edges of aluminum foil around the sticks and voila! You now have a frying pan.


4. Keep your sleeping bag dry

You can use aluminum foil to insulate your sleeping bag against moisture, just put some heavy-duty aluminum foil under your sleeping bag.

5. Keep matches dry

Wrap your watches with aluminum foil so that they will not get wet.

6. Lure a fish

You can use aluminum foil for catching fish. Some fishes are attracted to shiny things. Wrap some aluminum foil around your fishing line or fish hook. Putting aluminum foil in the fish hook will act as bait for fishes.

7. Make a funnel

When you need a funnel but you don’t have one or can’t find one, use an aluminum foil to make a funnel. Get some aluminum foil then roll it until you get the proper shape.


8. Protect fruit trees

Plants are the number one source of food when tragedy strikes so you have to protect them. Put aluminum foil in your fruit trees to scare away birds so that they will not eat the fruit. The aluminum foil will reflect the sun light which makes the birds go away.

9. Signaling

You can use aluminum foil to signal for help by placing pieces of aluminum foil in the branches of a tree or just by simply holding it up.

10. Scrub your pots

If you need to scrub your pots but you don’t have a scrub pad, you can use aluminum foil as an alternative. Get a piece of aluminum foil and use it to scrub your pots.

So these are the survival uses of aluminum foil. If you have other ideas, feel free to share them on the comments below.


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