Mouthwash, typically associated with oral hygiene and freshness, holds an array of surprising uses in survival scenarios that you may not be privy to.

It serves diverse applications in healthcare and cleanliness among others.


Disinfection of wounds and scrapes

In the absence of antiseptic wipes or ointments, mouthwash, specifically the sugar-free and alcohol-based variety, can efficiently serve the purpose of disinfecting minor injuries.

Cleaning the facial skin

Aside from promoting oral health, mouthwash can also double as a facial cleanser. Use a cotton pad saturated with sugar-free, alcohol-infused mouthwash to wipe off stubborn dirt from your skin.

Sterilize toothbrush

Use antiseptic mouthwash to sanitize your toothbrush at least three times every week and eliminate lurking bacteria.

Remedy for skin rashes

Mouthwash can help alleviate rashes triggered by exposure to poisonous plants such as poison ivy or poison oak, by reducing the associated redness and swelling.

Treat skin imperfections

A small dose of mouthwash on a cotton swab when applied to the affected area can combat and eliminate blemishes due to its antimicrobial properties.

Acting as a body scent neutralizer

In survival scenarios, upkeep of hygiene is crucial. The cleaning features of mouthwash can serve as an efficient underarm deodorizer. Refrain from application right after shaving.

Quick sprays of mouthwash can effectively dispel foot odors too.

Being an alternative germ-killing spray

Mouthwash can step in when a typical germ-killing spray is not available, effectively used for sterilizing hands or wounds.

Combat fungi

Enlist mouthwash to tackle problems like nail fungus and athlete’s foot. For athlete’s foot, employing a half-and-half mixture of water and mouthwash for a short foot soak could bring relief.

Address nail fungus by using a mix of vinegar and mouthwash on the affected region.

Soothing itchy skin

Mouthwash can offer relief from mosquito bites or irritated skin. Just douse a swab with some mouthwash and dab it on the troubled spot.

Combat dandruff

While dandruff might seem trivial in a survival situation, mouthwash can be employed to tackle it, if required. Simply, dab some mouthwash on a cotton ball and apply to the scalp.

The roles of mouthwash extend far beyond oral care, especially in survival scenarios. It’s worth considering its inclusion in your emergency preparation list, even just as a potential trade object during crises. For all uses, ensure that your mouthwash is sugar-free and alcohol-based.

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