2012 Dallas Self Reliance Expo Report

Hey Preppers,

We were honored to be speakers at this weekend’s Self-Reliance Expo in Dallas and we met face-to-face (for the first time in many cases) lots of our friends in the preparedness blogging community and a lots of just plain nice folks.

We taught suturing in 3 different sessions (only scheduled two but the demand for more was overwhelming).
It’s always great to provide education, and a lot of people came away as a better medical asset to their loved ones than they were when they walked in the door.  This is our mission, and salute the courage of those that will take responsibility for the medical well-being of their families and groups in times of trouble.

We will be traveling throughout the country this year giving lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on classes
to as many people as want to participate.  The response to our new book (The Doom and Bloom(tm) Survival Medicine Handbook) was gratifying, and we will continue to figure out strategies for when medical help is NOT on the way.

Special regards to Todd Sepulveda (above) of Prepperwebsite.com and many, many others for their support and good wishes, including:

  • Darren Craddock and the gang from Enerfoods
  • Pete and Maribel Hernandez, their awesome kids, and Janice, homeschooling gurus
  • Wilson and his wonderful family from Pantry Paratus
  • Jeff Gleason (The Berkey Guy) and David Armenta
  • Ron Douglas, Scott Valencia and their families
  • Adam Francis, Joe Flowers, Robbie Oliver and Chance Sanders from Equip2endure.com
  • ACE the wonder dog
  • The inimitable Doctor Prepper!
  • Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, and his crew
  • George Shepherd of Survivalist and Republic magazines
  • Dave Duffy of the unrivaled Backwoods Home Magazine
  • All the great folks at Project Appleseed
  • Phil Burns, the Utah Prepper, representing The American Preppers Network
  • Bob Griswold and the nice folks at Ready Made Resources
  • All of our awesome and quick-learning students at our suture classes (great job, guys!)
  • and all of the nice folks that stopped by our booth to say hi, ask questions, and offer their support!

If you’re able to attend one of the Self-Reliance Expos, you won’t regret it.  There are lots of like-minded people there, and a ton of useful knowledge that every prepared family could use.

Dr. Bones


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