2020 Predictions for Preppers – Be In the Know!

Predictions for Preppers


A new year brings hope and the potential for a reset.  But a new year also comes with the unknown and preppers know that what happens on the world scene will have an impact on them at some point.  As 2020 comes into closer view, many on the internet tend to forecast and make predictions of what the new year will bring.  This post consists of curated articles and videos of 2020 predictions for preppers or at least information that preppers would want to be aware of.


It is helpful to examine the themes that are visited.  And don’t overlook the tech articles!  Tech affects each and every one of us!  It will continue to play a major role in our lives as we lose more and more privacy!


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2020 Predictions for Preppers – Stay Prepped and Aware!


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