22 Long Rifle IS A Deadly Round

Preppers. Over the years, I have sent a lot of our furry friends to the after-life with this greatly under-rated round. I have always had one in my preps. (Well, I have a LOT more than one…lol). Several reasons makes this an excellent prepping choice.
1) Cheap ammo. Not cheaply made, but cost effective. Wal-Mart has 50 rounds for $1.87.
2) I can carry a box of 550 rounds in the same space as a box of 25 12 gauge shells. (Yes, I DO have a few 12 gauges for me and my family. Those are for bugging in and self defense plus big game hunting.)
3) Low recoil allows my 14 year old daughter, and petite wife to shoot effectively and stay on target.
4) Low report (sound) from a 22 lr versus say a 5.56 (.223) or a 7.62.
5) If you can see a “Zombie”, and hit it, you CAN cause a lethal wound.
Watch the video below. I did not realize that the 22 would puncture a person at 440 yards! In the Army we shot M-16s at the most 400 yards!

Another Tip: 22 LR does have hollow-points that makes an even bigger hole.

Preppers, PLEASE reevaluate your weapons cache. If you don’t have a 22 lr, get one. I don’t want to be the only survivor of SHTF! Take care and SYOTOS. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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