3 Essential People in Your Prepper Group: Stacking the Deck

“No man is an island,
Entire of itself,

Every man is a piece of the continent,

A part of the main.”
–John Donne


In the world of prepperdom, it’s a common sentiment to aspire to be a Jack of all trades.  However, what often results is that the ‘Jack’ (or Jill, of course!) is a master of none.  Simply put, society thrives because people are different.  There is a wide diversity of different strengths and different weaknesses, and under good leadership, this can be leveraged to promote economic growth and the advancement of survival.

For most of us, attempting to survive alone as a single unit is basically like signing our death certificate.  Sure, you might be able to fake it until you make it, but in the end, we social creatures require the abilities of others for survival.  This isn’t necessarily claiming humans depend on a ‘collective,’ but just because someone is a medical expert doesn’t mean he or she will also be an accomplished trapper, hunter, blacksmith or marksman.

At the same time, having very large groups of people can also become a hindrance to survival objectives.  This requires both an abundance of resources and continuous, solid leadership.  Also, the larger the group, the more attention it will draw –and in an SHTF scenario, drawing attention will invite very difficult challenges.  The key here is to construct a group, limit its size and capitalize on its strengths.  It’s not about the quantity of people; it’s about the quality.

Here are 3 excellent types of people to include in your group, so you can stack the deck with aces.

1. Military Veterans

Folks from the military, especially those with long lists of qualifications on their veteran resume, are absolutely indispensable.  If you want to know how to survive in a warzone-like SHTF situation, be sure to make friends with soldiers.

Not only is their military training tailored for the very purpose of survival, but their discipline, leadership and teamwork skills have been honed to win wars.  Though soldiers, with the exception of a few elite, are not necessarily trained to operate alone, they still possess many strengths needed for such a time.

2. EMS, Nurses, & Doctors

If you have a nurse or medical doctor in your group, you are going to be extremely well off.

One of the biggest needs during an SHTF scenario is medical attention.  These scenarios, by nature, are going to be extremely dangerous.  After an earthquake, nuclear detonation or even a solar flare – if no one in your group has sustained injuries, then you are very, very lucky.

It is true some medical personnel will have very specialized knowledge, but they will usually foster a broad understanding of anatomy.  These folks will know the first aid basics of how to patch up a wound, treat burns, keep away infection, etc.  Medical needs will most likely be the first challenge you and your group will face, and having someone who knows those ropes intimately will make them worth befriending.

3. Outdoorsmen, Backwoodsmen, & Farmers

While it’s possible for the average-Joe to learn the basics on how to hunt and trap, having someone on your team who has been doing these things from childhood will increase your odds of survival immensely.

Outdoorsmen will know how to attract, track and hunt game, and they’re also at least familiar with cleaning, processing and preserving it as well. These folks are the ones who can help feed the pack when the grocery stores have run out of food.

They’ve picked up those subtle nuances of the wild over many years –knowing how to read the clouds and the land. These are your resource people, and what makes them unique is the fact they’ve been training in this area since they were 7.

Because There’s No ‘I’ in ‘SHTF’

Your survival will depend on teamwork and the ability to form a functional group. If you are able to keep the group operating as a single unit, you have just acquired the knowledge of an outdoorsman, the steady hands of a doctor, and the courageous leadership of a soldier. While it may take even more resources to maintain a group, the returns will be obviously more bountiful.

However, the most important factor comes down to leadership and the ability to work with people. A group will dissolve without cooperation.

Perhaps the most effective groups are the ones in which all members are of like minds, while possessing a diverse set of skills. This is largely the reason why tight-knit families and religiously or philosophically oriented groups tend to stick together and prosper.

At the same time, you should think also about how you are going to be an asset to your team. Becoming a ‘Jack of all trades’ isn’t necessarily a bad thing; however, having at least one highly useful skill on which you can stake your claim would also make you indispensable. Not only would this be excellent to have for your own survival, but you’ll also be able to contribute to the survival of your team.

Humans are social creatures – and feeling needed can be enough to help motivate us to fight another day.


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