4 Wheel Drive Shoes

If you ever run in to a situation, where you are shoeless, here is a nifty little trick. Making sandles out of old tires, and Para Cord. First, place either foot in the center of a large piece of paper, at least an 8 1/2 x 14. Trace around your foot, being careful at all times to keep the pencil straight up and down. Next make a mark on each side, directly down from the point on your ankles. Also make a mark at the point along the inside of your foot, directly back from your big toe.
Remove your foot from the pattern. Now sketch a bigger outline around the tracing of your foot. Add about 3/8 inch for the toes and sides, but not to the back. The positioning of all these tabs are quite variable and you can choose to move them forward or back, or at angles to one another.
Now sketch in the five tabs, as shown on the pattern. If anything you might make some adjustments length-wise, adjusting for particularly large or small feet. Finally, sketch in the holes that you will cut out to thread the strapping through. Cut the pattern out, and it can be used for both sandals,assuming your feet are fairly similar to one another.
As for tires, I would recommend truck tires, rather than car tires. The”corner” of any tire, where the sidewalls and tread come together, is always much thicker than the rest. You can work with that thickness in the tabs of the sandals, but not in the sole itself. Pickup tires are typically wide enough to work with, and you can make about three pair of sandals from one tire. Unless you’re a descendant from Bigfoot…lol
Most importantly, always use tires that do not have steel cables running through them. All tires have some kind of fibrous reinforcement in them,typically nylon or rayon threads. Do not try cutting through the inner edge of the tire, which has an embedded steel band to fit the tire snug against the rim. A Utility knife is used to cut out the sandals. Doing it this way you can trace around the pattern on the outside of the tire and start cutting. Now,trace the pattern on the inside of the tire, being certain that the pattern is centered and straight on the tire. Even a slight 1/2 inch angle along the length of a sandal can cause problems when you wear it. I would suggest making only one sandal at a time, and completing it. Finish the one and try it on; you might think of some modifications to improve the next one.

The next step, after cutting out the sandal, is to thin the four side tabs. The tabs are generally cut from that “corner” on the tire, where there is a thick lump of tread. You can do an adequate job by cutting the lump down with some careful chiseling or with a sharp knife. Thin down as close as you can to the nylon/rayon plies, without actually cutting any of them.

Now, to make the tabs flex upward, take a razor blade and slice straight into the tread of the tire at the joint where the tab attaches. Slice in all the way until the plies inside are exposed. Be careful not to cut into the fibers. Chisel out each of the eyelets, where the Para cord will be threaded through. Be careful to not cut too close to the edge. If you break out the side of a tab, then you generally have to start all over. Also cut a set of buckles from the sidewalls of the tire. These are easy to do.

The finished sandals should be comfortable to wear, although you may need to do some fine-tuning to get them right. For any serious hiking yous hould wear a couple heavy pairs of socks, or moccasins. Take care, keep your sandled feet in 4 Wheel Drive, and see you on the other side. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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