5 Easy Techniques to Make Your Home More Secure

They say home is where the heart is, but just like your heart, your home needs certain protections in order for it to stay safe. While we may not like to think about it, our homes are often vulnerable to intruders due to our own errors and oversights. In order to protect your property and family, you need to take steps in securing your home against strangers. With that in mind, here are five easy techniques to make your home more secure.

1. Don’t Hide Keys

While a hidden key in your mailbox or under a mat is convenient if you lock yourself out, it’s also the easiest way for thieves to break into your home. The dangers of leaving out a spare key far outweigh the benefits, but if you absolutely must leave one, try to pick less obvious places to hide it. Creating a fake pipe in the ground is a good option.

2. Home Security Systems

An effective home security system can buy you a great deal of peace of mind. Determine the best home security system for your needs, because that automated system can alert authorities to any intruders in your home, no matter where you are. That could make all the difference between catching a thief and returning your stolen property or the thief going free to rob. A sign in your yard can be a helpful deterrent against intruders, as well.

3. Secure Your Doors

Make sure you’ve taken steps to fully secure your doors beyond the basics. Deadbolts are effective at keeping your front door closed, but a metal bar or wooden plank placed in the track of a sliding door makes it even harder for someone to get inside without causing a commotion. The harder you can make it for a thief to break into your home silently, the more secure your home will be.

4. Conceal Your Wires

While home security systems are effective, they have one fatal flaw—wiring. It’s easy enough for a thief to find the wires connecting the security system to the phone lines and cut them. If that happens, there won’t be anything your system can do to protect you. However, by disguising the outside wiring around your home, you can prevent this from happening, since it’ll be harder for burglars to find the wires in the first place.

5. Secure Your Windows

Many burglars find access to a house through the windows. Prevent this by making sure all the windows in your home can securely lock from the inside and can’t easily be pried open. Installing security glass is another good option, as a stronger window means less possibilities of a break in.


Using these tips, you’ll be able to secure your home against intruders. Whether you’re at work, on vacation, or just taking a walk to the park, you’ll feel safe in the knowledge that your home will still be safe and secure by the time you get back.


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