5 Reasons Why Pure Silver Will be the Currency of the Collapse

Commodities such as gold and silver have a world market that transcends national borders, politics, religions, and race. A person may not like someone else’s religion, but he’ll accept his gold.

Robert Kiyosaki


There is something that just feels right about silver. Its coded in our DNA. It has to do with the weight and maybe the way a new silver coin shines. It has to do with the fact that we have attributed value to this metal for over 1000 years in our society. It has to do with a simple word that carries more value in our society than all the gold and silver on the planet: Trust.

When you trust someone, or something you, can build on that. You can build a relationship, or you can rebuild a society. In a collapse it will be vital that we maintain some level of trust. Depending on the situation this might be tough to do.

One of the best ways to articulate this trust in a collapse is the barter. When you arrive to a barter you will want to have items or currency that will be easily accepted. If the dollar has tanked and is worthless due to a crumbled economy, I can think of no better option than silver.


The value is predetermined. Its easy to recognize. Its always been currency. Its easy to carry. Silver is security.


Why not gold? Silver is Better than Gold

Gold is floating around $1300 dollars per ounce at the time of this writing. That is a lot of money when you are talking about buying the smaller things you need for your survival. Imagine if you had to go to the grocery store with a $1300-dollar bill and this supermarket doesn’t give change. That is what bartering with gold could look like.

There is no reason someone must break your gold into smaller denominations for you. Instead, they could look at your gold coin and tell you that the bottle of children’s Tylenol that you need costs one gold coin. What are you going to do if you are in a fallen world and you child needs something to control their pain and fever? Gold is a trap for the prepper, in most cases.

Better than Junk Silver

There is a strange sentiment that investing in what people call “junk silver” is the best bet for preppers. I have heard claims about the price being much better as well as the access to these coins. I have also heard that people will feel more comfortable bartering with junk silver because it is a recognizable coin.

Now, the trouble with junk silver is value. While you may be a proponent of junk silver and you may understand the value of each coin based on date and silver content, will the person your bartering understand that?

Do you honestly think that bartering after a collapse is going to be a science? Its going to be a quick affair and you want that. You want the transaction to be as fair and painless as possible.

Silver collectors use an equation to calculate the amount of silver contained in junk coins.


With junk silver you are depending on someone to be kind enough to check all the dates on your coins and do the calculation. The other alternative is that they just tell you they will take the whole bag of coins for what you want, like the coin scenario.

Agreed Upon Value

If we can agree that we want the barter to be a quick and simple transaction, then it would help if at least one party enters that barter with an item of known value. When value is vague you can tread into dangerous territory like arguments. In today’s world with today’s laws arguments can be beneficial. In the collapse you can be shot and there will be no law against it.

Silver offers an agreed upon value at the start of the game. That is priceless. Even the pickiest are going to question you over a dollar or two at most. Is it $16 or $18 an ounce? Beyond that its pretty clear.

People say booze are a great barter item, but you must know the value of the booze and then you have to factor some sort of post collapse, vice value on it as well. Things get interesting then. You’re not going to let a $20 bottle of Sky vodka go for $20 if there are no more of them left, right? So, what’s the value?

Practicality of Use in Purchases

There is no denying that silver is the most practical for purchases, but one company has made true prepper silver that takes that practicality to another level. Kolga silver is designed with preppers in mind. They offer 4, 5 and 8-ounce bars of silver that are designed to be broken down into smaller increments.

With the 5 oz bar you will get:

2 – 1-ounce increments = roughly $16 each based on today’s value

4 – ½ ounce increments = roughly $8 each based on today’s value

4 – ¼ ounce increments = roughly $4 each based on today’s value

Each piece is designed to break away from the silver bar easily allowing a new level of practicality that even ½ rounds do not present. Kolga silver is how you master the barter and how you master post collapse currency.

People Want a Currency

After all we have discussed about currency, value and bartering its probably pretty evident why we have currency to begin with. When one side has currency of an agreed upon value, transactions happen much faster and things go much smoother. Whether we are talking about in today’s world or in a less civilized collapse, people want a currency.

We have established that the value of gold is much to high for it to be a helpful currency in everyday transactions. With silver, particularly the Kolga Prepper Silver, you are going to be able to have useful denominations of a consistent currency that will work for purchases in any setting.


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