A Prepper Strategy for Getting Prepared the Right Way!

Prepper Strategy


Preparedness can quickly become overwhelming!  Not only are you battling becoming aware of how fragile our world is, but, you are managing where to start and how to pay for it all!  To do it right, you need to be purposeful. Preparedness-minded people need to have a prepper strategy for getting prepared the right way! I would like to share with you how I was able to get prepared and how you can do it too!


A Little Bit of Prepper Website Background

I started Prepper Website in September of 2011. I started reading a lot of great articles and it was great. Then someone contacted me about advertising – Tess Pennington from ReadyNutrition.com. She was advertising her prepper cookbook and asked if she could advertise on my site.


I was blown away! No way was I expecting something like that! I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know how much to charge. We talked about it and finally agreed to the terms.  


Again, I couldn’t believe it! I remember the first time I received the funds from that advertisement. I was like, “Wow! I’m getting paid $50 a month to do something that I love. This is something that I would normally be doing, but now I’m getting paid for it!” It wasn’t very long after that when people started contacting me and asking to also advertise on my site. It spiraled from there.  


Now I earn income from advertisements and from affiliate sales. These are affiliates that I believe in. I also earn income from Amazon. I get money from Google Adsense and other sources like that too! But that first money…


Hearing from Preppers Who Need to Prep

Over the years, I’ve received emails and read comments from people on articles, on Facebook, and on other social media. I read, “I can’t afford to prep. I want to prep. I know that I need to prep. I know that I need to have food storage for my family. I know I need to have water. I know I need to have all this. But I just can’t afford it. At the end of the month, I’m paying off my bills. I’m barely making it.”


I completely and totally understand that because if it weren’t for the money that I was making from Prepper Website, I don’t know that I would have been able to prep as much as I have.


I have a family. I have big boys and we eat. I live in the suburbs of Houston. There are a lot of things that we are involved in, and I don’t know if I would have been able to give as much money to my preparedness. I would have tried. I would have put money toward food storage and all that because I believe in it, but I don’t know if I would have been as prepared as I am.  


Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. The reason I was able to prepare was due to the money that I earned from the Prepper Website. It was this thing that I love to do. It was this small business. Not even a small business – It was this micro-business that I love to do. I was earning money.  It was my prepper strategy!


I was turning around and putting the money I earned back into the website. But soon, I was able to buy prepping supplies.


Here’s the thing. This is the prepper strategy for you as well. You can do this, too! It might not be online. It might not be a product that you make. You might have a service you can offer – something that you love to do that can bring in extra money for your family.


Earning Real Money to Prep

Think about it. What would just $50 extra a month do? You can buy some canned foods with $50 extra dollars a month. What if it was $100 a month and you were able to add that to your preparedness? Or, let’s say you were able to pay down debt so you didn’t have the stress of that debt coming down on you all the time, weighing you down. You could pay off that debt and be able to move toward building up your food storage and all the other preparedness steps you need to do. Or you could be doing both at the same time. It doesn’t matter how you want to do it. But what would you do with $50 extra dollars? $100 extra dollars?


It’s not hard to do. And you can do it with something that you love. Let me give you some ideas. Remember, this doesn’t have to be online. But let’s just say that you like to do some things online. You like social media and you like preparedness. Or maybe it’s something else you like. I worked with a lady who likes crocheting. She was always on crocheting websites and on Pinterest and she follows people in the crocheting niche. What if you had a site about crocheting? That is a very targeted niche and there’s a lot of people that crochet. You could do that and get your site out there. If you’re someone that can get out on social media and use your contacts to build that up, who knows what could come of that.


Maybe you like writing, but don’t want to do anything with a website. Let’s say you read something, and you think you can make that better. Maybe you could write something great. There are places online that will buy articles from you. Depending on how good they are, some will pay $20, $30, or even more. You can make money just by writing an article if you had a little bit of time. Again, it’s something that you love. When we do something that we love, it easily flows out.


Let’s get away from online right now and say there’s something else you love to do. Maybe you like making jewelry. My wife makes jewelry and takes pictures of it and sends them out to her friends. People will come over to our house, she lays it out on a table, and they buy it. She’s been able to use that money to help our family. For example, one Christmas she was able to buy all the Christmas presents for everyone on our gift list using the money from her jewelry sales. I thought it was great because all the money I was setting aside for Christmas didn’t need to be spent there. I was able to spend it on something else. What a blessing that was! She’s done that multiple times.


My wife has done other things. For example, she’s done candles. She purchased candles and some angel gift-wrapping paper. She cut out the angels and then glued them to the side of the candles. She decorated them with beads and it turned out to be a great thing. She would use these as gifts and people began asking her to make them candles so they could give them as gifts as well. She began selling the candles! I thought it was so awesome! She loved doing it! And Pinterest – she’s on Pinterest all the time, getting ideas and making things. People are always asking her to make them things too. And they pay her for it. It’s stuff that she loves doing.


Let’s just say there’s nothing really that you love to do. (There is something that you love to do, but you just need to find it.) Let’s just say making money is what you love to do. You’re fired up about making money and helping your family get better prepared. You know that this world is fragile, and you know that things are crazy. And you know that you need to get better prepared, it’s your prepper strategy!


Let’s say you own a truck and you go to some apartment complexes. You meet the manager and let her know that if she has tenants moving that you are an apartment mover. If they need someone with a truck, you are willing to offer your services. You leave them your information and stop back by occasionally, to check-in. That would be a great little money-making thing on the weekend you could do.


Let’s say you have a truck and a trailer. When my wife and I were younger, we were renting a house and the backyard was junky. We had some dogs and we didn’t want them in the backyard, running around in that junk. We looked in the paper and we found somebody who removed trash. I contacted him and he came over and gave me a quote. This all happened because I didn’t have a truck. I didn’t have a trailer. All that junk wouldn’t fit in my small car. So, I agreed to pay him to remove this trash from my yard because it was more trash than the city would pick up. He comes in, he brings his trailer, and he brings two guys. He doesn’t even do any of the moving. He brings two guys that he has hired for a few hours and they load up everything in this trailer. There were even some things he had them put in the back of his truck to keep. I didn’t mind if he got it out of there. I was giving him money and he was taking some of the stuff and using it for later. He just stood around and told these two guys what to do. When they were finished, they went to the dump and paid the fee. (He had included the dump fee and the money for the two guys in the total he charged me.) He made money for standing around, directing people on what to do and driving his truck. All because he had a truck and because he had a trailer. That might be something that you would like to do.



What if you like to be a little more physical? What if you have access to woods and you’re able to cut firewood? Here in the suburbs of Houston, when it starts getting cold, we see people pack up their trucks with wood. They’ll put out stacks of wood and sell them for $10 to $20. When the weather starts turning cold, people want to use their fireplaces and they want to use their firepit in the backyard. These people set out stacks of wood and they sell it. They back up, they put out stacks of wood, they start a little fire just to get people’s attention and they sell wood. People will stop and buy wood because the other option is to stop at a little convenience store and buy three pieces of wood for $6. They know they’ll need a lot more. Suburbanites will go through those three pieces in an hour. They like to have a little bit more so it’s worth it. What if you did something like that?


What if you cut wood because you know there are people out in the rural settings who have wood stoves but don’t have time to cut a cord of wood themselves? You’re willing to cut it. You’re willing to provide the wood for them and they’re willing to pay you. You just have to move it. And again, maybe you hire someone to do the moving for you, but you have the wood and the trailer. You have the equipment to be able to do that.


Making Time to Earn Money to Prep

There are so many things that you can do to earn money. The biggest problem with all of this is that you don’t have enough time. I understand! I have a full-time job, I’m a bi-vocational minister, I do Prepper Website and I do the podcast. Here’s the thing: you must give up something. You must sacrifice a little bit to get prepared for yourself and your family!


When I come home, I don’t sit down in front of the television. Part of this is because I don’t want to because there’s just junk on the television. But the other side of that is: what do I gain from that, other than just a little bit of entertainment? I think about all the time I’ve wasted playing games online. I think about all the time I’ve wasted watching TV.  There was a little bit of information there, a little bit of entertainment. But what does it really do to better my life and better the lives of my family? Nothing! I would just sit down and veg out. I understand sometimes you need that. But let me tell you why you need that. You need that because you’re not excited about something else.


I’ve often talked about this on the podcast. I have to be careful how late I do the podcast because I do it in the evening. The reason I have to be careful how late I record is that I get so pumped up when I do the podcast.  I do the editing, post it and then I’m on this high. If I do it too late at night it’s hard to go to bed because I’m so pumped up. I have to be careful and start early so I’m not going to bed so late.


But that’s the idea. What if you came home and you had something that made you excited? For example, I’m going to make this jewelry because I know I’m going to be showing it off at a bazaar, or I’m going to be showing it off online to my friends, or I’m going to be putting it up for people to buy. Or what if you’re pumped up because you have this connection with someone who needs some jobs done.  That gets you going and gives you that extra energy.


Think about times when you were, for instance, going on a field trip as a kid. As a kid you were so excited to go on the field trip you couldn’t go to sleep. You knew that you had that field trip the next day. It’s the same kind of thing that happens.  Suddenly you start getting this energy and you start getting excited.


And I’m telling you everybody can do this! Everybody has something that they’re good at. You just need to figure out what it is and find ways to do it. That’s it!


There may be things you’re good at that people out there are doing already, but you can do it better. People will pay you! We’re in a time and age right now where people will pay for convenience. For example, I can go wash my car and I can do a really good job of it. I did it all the time when I was in high school. I always had a nice, clean car. But there are times now that it’s more convenient if I take it to a car wash because they can get it done faster. I don’t have to get all wet and I don’t have to come inside and take a shower.  And, I can be working on something else while they’re washing my car. Think about all the things people are willing to pay for because they need a little time.


Resources for Preppers to Earn Money

Are you convinced yet?  Are you ready to start earning some money for your families preparedness?  Here’s the thing: I’ve recently written an e-book. It’s the first time I’ve ever done anything like this to put out there and sell to the preparedness community or to sell to anyone who’s interested. I’ve done little e-books and things like that before, but nothing like this. The e-book is called, “The Preparedness Community’s Guide to a Micro Business and Increasing Your Finances.” The book is short – you’ll finish it in 20 to 30 minutes. I put some of the tips and tricks and things that have worked for me.  My dad has always been a small business owner and these are things I’ve learned from him throughout the years.


At the end of the book, I also have a couple of things that may be of interest to you. I have 56 different jobs that you could use as a micro business. I also have a worksheet that you can use to narrow down what you are good at or what other people might see in you that you can use to focus your micro biz.


prepper strategyBut, the e-book is not all!  There’s a lot of information in it and I’m proud of it. But, the big draw is that I’ve created the Prepper Website Forums. The Prepper Website Forums is a place where you can come get and share your advice and your ideas. You will be interacting with other preppers, just like you, who are trying to earn money so they can prepare their families too!  You will have resources as you launch your micro biz.


The Prepper Website Forums is a private forum that you buy into so that it isn’t just anyone in there. The people in the forum are excited to be in there. They are wanting to build a micro business, or wanting to get better prepared, or wanting to share tips and tricks for their micro biz.


Let me give you an idea of how this might work. I’m going to go back to the apartment truck mover example. Let’s say here in Houston someone gets on the forums and shares that their micro biz is being an apartment mover. I have a one-man show with my truck and I make money this way. This is something that I’ve found that works. Let’s say there’s someone else in another part of the country, let’s say they’re in California. They post that they do the same thing and found it really works if you do it this certain way. They found that people are more likely to buy their services when they do it a certain way or offer something specific. These two people are now connected and they’re sharing ideas. Think about how that can work. Or people are on there because they have a website. Maybe it’s not necessarily a preparedness website. Preparedness websites are good and they’re important and we need them. Prepper websites are closing down all over the place and others are starting. There is always that cycle. But you may have the desire to start a website in a different, specific niche. On the forum, you can share ideas. Other people that have websites can chime in and help you with it. Maybe someone needs a plugin for something or wonders how something can be handled. People can share those ideas in the forum.  


I have decided to make it as affordable as possible. I know you need money to prep. Realizing this, I want to make it easy for people to buy into this. But, I do want to make it something that you buy into, because then, you feel more of a connection and you have ownership in it.


So here it is. The e-book and access to the forums are $7.00. People are telling me that’s too low and not to do it that low. They’ve told me I need to make the price higher. But no! I want people to be better prepared. The e-book and access to the forums are $7.00. This is not a monthly fee or a yearly subscription. This is a one-time fee that will give you access to the forums forever.


Purchase the eBook and Access to the PW Forums

Purchase the eBook (PDF) and get access to the forum – $7.00. BUY THIS ONE!

Purchase the Audiobook and get access to the forum – $7.99. BUY THIS ONE!

This is the Key

I want you to seriously consider doing this because this is the way that you can better prepare yourself and your family.


Webmasters of preparedness websites know that people struggle. Some of the articles we write are on preparing with purchases from a dollar store or how to prep for free. Those things are great and I am not disparaging the dollar stores at all. I purchase items from the dollar stores myself. I have read articles on the podcast about those because I know they are important. But the fact remains that preparedness costs money.


We talk about skills all the time and skills are very important. I’m not saying that skills are not important. We need to have skills. But, at the same time, it does cost money to prepare. It costs money to have food storage, water storage, purifiers, and filters. It costs money to have gear. You also don’t want to purchase junk gear and have it fail on you when you need it. You want quality gear and that costs money.  You need a prepper stragegy!


That is why this idea came about. I’ve realized that this is the key to helping other people get prepared. You’re able to get out there and start a micro biz on something that you love, something that you are about. It brings in money. If you have a product or service that people want, they will pay you for it. And you will be able to use that money to pay down debt and better prepare your family. That’s what you want to do.


Prepper Website is Creating a Community

As an added bonus to everyone who gets into the Prepper Website Forums, I’ve also included preparedness topics as well.  Forums like wilderness survival, food storage, water storage and more. All types of forums and topics are in there and we can talk about these things. Again, it’s private. Not everybody can get into the forums. You must buy into the book to have access to it. That leaves out the people that want to join to spam or cause problems. Everyone in the forums wants to be in there and I will always guard it very carefully.



And, you don’t have to worry about Facebook or any other social media selling your data to the highest bidder!  The forum is owned by Prepper Website, so you can rest easy knowing that it will be there, even if all the social media start banning preppers!


Having a micro biz is the key!  I know a lack of finances is the thing that is holding people back from being able to prepare.  A micro biz is your answer!  It is your prepper strategy!


I want to help and connect preppers!  This is what I’ve done through the years with Prepper Website. The Prepper Website and the podcast are providing resources so that people can get better prepared. If I can take it to another level and help others earn money to be better prepared, then I know I’m fulfilling my mission and doing what I’m supposed to be doing.



Purchase the eBook and Access to the PW Forums

Purchase the eBook (PDF) and get access to the forum – $7.00. BUY THIS ONE!

Purchase the Audiobook and get access to the forum – $7.99. BUY THIS ONE!