A Real Wood Stove

I found this picture on Facebook. I would give credit if I could remember the guys name. If anyone runs in to this let me know and I will give him credit for his genius. Anyhow, when I saw what he has created, I began to think a little on this. Post SHTF, I don’t think I would waste precious gas running my chainsaw. But heck, we are Preppers, right? Meaning we Prepare in advance. I know that a lot of folks have Bug Out locations picked far from their home. Possibly having several camp areas picked out along the way. I think that these could be easily cut, and waiting at your campsites. Bada-boom, you are ready to heat your meal, boil water, or whatever. This thing is quit impressive. I think I will cut a few for emergencies in my BOA and at my BOH. Just in case!

Another beauty that came to mind is that the old dryer lint could be stuffed in a baggy, and sunk down the middle. When you want to fire it up, remove the lint, stuff it down the middle and light it up. It also looks like you could cook, put it out, and reuse the un-burned portion again. Scrape off the coals and you have charcoal for water filtering, and for making soap. Anyhow, I thought this was cool, cheap and useful, kinda like Ghost Prepper…lol. Take care and SYOTOS. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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