About Prepper Website and The Prepper Website Podcast!

Prepper Website and The Prepper Website Podcast are resources run by me, Todd Sepulveda.  My goal is to help you become more self-reliant so you can love your people, get prepared and live free.  How is this preparedness?  Keep reading!

But first, let me ask you a few questions.

  • Are there people that depend on you?
  • If you and your family were in a crisis, do you know what to do? Does your family know what to do?
  • Do you know what you should have in place before an emergency happens?

We live in a fragile world!  You have more than likely felt it too!  There are so many things that we depend on that are out of our control. Big things, like, the economy, natural disasters, terrorism, etc..  Then there are the things that can affect you, like losing your job and bad health.  But this website isn’t about fear!  This is about thriving!  It’s about making good decisions now! Preparing now!  So that you can mitigate the crisis in your life.  So when your family looks at you during those turbulent times, they know they are safe!

I help by providing the best resources for your preparedness.  Prepper Website links to the best articles daily!  And The Prepper Website Podcast provides audio versions of these articles for those who are on the go and don’t have the time to read the articles that are linked.

And the best part is that the access to all of this preparedness is free!

It’s been free since I started Prepper Website in September 2011!

I just hope you are blessed and find value in the website and the podcast.

So take some time to look around Prepper Website.  You’ll soon see that living a self-reliant life is important for you and your family.  In the end, you are responsible.  They are going to look to you!  It’s time to get prepared!  And I’m here to help you.

The Story – It was a joke!  I was attending a staff development at my school.  Everyone in attendance knew each other, except for the trainers.  They started the training with an icebreaker, “go around the room, introduce yourself, tell us what you do and one thing that no one knows about you.”  Well, like I said, everyone knew each other.

I was sitting next to my principal.  I turned to her and told her that I was going to have a little fun with this.  So when my turn came I said, “My name is Todd.  I’m one of the AP’s here.  One thing that no one knows about me is that I’m the webmaster for Houston Zombies dot com.”

It was funny to see everyone’s reaction.  So I continued, “we sell zombie attire, books, DVD’s, etc…”  During the break and even days after, people kept coming up to me asking me if I really was the webmaster for Houston Zombies dot com.  If they would have gone to the website, they would have realized that it didn’t exist.

Well, the name stuck and one day out of boredom, I registered the domain and set it up to have some fun, complete with a “store” that is linked to Amazon to sell Zombie stuff!  I have recently taken down that site and transferred the hosting to www.prepperwebsite.com.  I have uploaded the site, without the cool zombie template, to a free WordPress site.  You can see it here – http://houstonzombies.wordpress.com/.  Warning – the site template is ugly. 🙂

At the same time I was playing with the site,  I was getting really concerned with the economy and the state of affairs around me.  Something just didn’t sit right with me…a feeling.

I’m an ordained minister and a pastor.  As the beginning of 2010 was coming around, this “feeling” was really coming to a head in me.  As the New Year was approaching, I was seriously praying about where the Lord was leading me…and especially what message/sermon I should prepare for the first sermon of 2010.

Now, a lot of churches and ministers use the first sermon of the year to “reset” or set the tone of the year ahead.  Imagine sermons like, “10 Reasons why 2010 is Going to be Your Best Year!”  I had done that in the past…  But I couldn’t do it this time.  I couldn’t shake the feeling…the leading that God’s people needed to be prepared for uncertainty…and different times that we haven’t been used to.

Don’t get me wrong,  I’m not running scared or cowering in fear.  But I believe that God has always hinted and shared with His people where things were headed: Noah, Abraham, Joseph, Moses the prophets, etc…  The thing is that His people didn’t always heed the warning signs.

I don’t want to come across like a paranoid freakazoid etc… (there are plenty out there).  But I do want to be prepared and help others understand that there are good reasons why the public need to be prepared for uncertainty.  It’s insurance.  You hope you never have to use medical, auto or home insurance.  But you have it in case of an emergency.  There are skills and things that you can do to help prepare for unforeseen situations.  Hopefully, you never have to use them.  But if you do, you’ll be glad you did.

So the focus of the website shifted from playing around with the zombie thing to prepping for whatever emergencies might come.  Don’t be a person that puts your head in the sand.  Research!  Google!  Look up other websites that are prepping and think about if you are truly prepared for emergencies that might arise.

Mission – to provide links to quality articles and websites that focus on preparing for emergencies, survival, homesteading, bushcraft, DIY, frugal living, simple life and alternative news so that you can love your people, get prepared and live free!


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