American Jihad

American Jihad

American Jihad
A Patriot’s Journal of Hell in the Heartland
By: Tom Haluszczak Jr.
iUniverse, Inc.


This novel has it all: FEMA camps, false flags, crooked politicians, patriots, the UN, militias, bees, al-Qaeda, hi-tech snoops, economic collapse, terrorism, assassinations, the New Madrid Fault line, nuclear reactors, you name it.  It is a fun read and although I have my issues with it, I tore through reading it.

Someone is purposely targeting banksters.  This definitely isn’t good for the already week US economy…

American Jihad is set in present day (2013).  In fact, with all the reading/scanning I do of articles to link to for the Prepper Website, there were times when some of the story felt like our current situation.  The story follows Alexi Sverdlov in his quest for revenge and determination to see his beloved country set free from those who would ruin it.  However, the road to get there is a long one and much would need to be sacrificed.

The book reminds the reader of how fragile our society has become.  One event can set off a chain of events that might never come back under control.  One would only hope that Americans would behave in an honorable and disciplined manner…one would hope.

I have a few issues with the book.  The first one is the grammar and punctuation.  Of course, I can understand what it is like when you have a story, idea or message you want to get out and you go to town writing it down.  Even when you read it, you won’t pick up the mistakes because you are reading what you have written and you know what you intended.  In correspondence with the author, he revealed to me that there were/are issues with the publisher.  This is something that he is working on and hopefully it will get corrected in future prints.

Another issue I have is the cussing.  When it comes to the cussing, the worst word for me is using God’s name in vain.  Although I know many people use the word, I don’t like it.  I feel that most anything can be said without bad language and the message can still get across.  I think it narrows the audience and alienates potential readers.

Although I have listed some issues, American Jihad is definitely worth the read.  I would recommend it for the entertainment value…and even reflection value of what “could” happen.  You’ll finish reading it and become a little bit more suspicious…and a little bit more patriotic.

You can purchase American Jihad for the Kindle on Amazon here.  The current price is only $3.03!  This is great summer reading material!

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  1. Urbivalist Dan June 11th, 2012 at 7:12 pm

    Thanks for the great review brotha. Sounds like an interesting one to check out!


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