An Overlooked Prepping Item

Here is a Prepping Item that I think is over-looked by most of us. I wanted to point it out, and SOME of the reasons that these items are so valuable, post SHTF.

Latex / Exam Gloves

Think about all of the unsanitary things we may have to do. Almost worth their weight in gold in my opinion.

1) The obvious, using them as designed, for medical or dental purposes. Would you want to “Gut” dinner, then stitch up someone in your family?

2) Working on a loved ones teeth (That’s right YOU are the dentist, post SHTF).

3) Cleaning up unsanitary material. Taking out the “Poop Pot”, or cleaning your hygiene facilities.

4) Cleaning / Gutting one of our delicious Woodland animals. (Yeah, fish too)

5) Cleaning your clothes by hand (depending on your type of home made cleaning solution).

6) Removing “Zombies” that have died of natural causes in you BOA. (Yes, I do consider “Lead Poisoning” a natural death.)

7) Setting and Baiting traps. Just set one with your bare hands and see how many animals you catch.

8) An improvised water drinking “Cup”. (Better go with the un-powdered gloves for this one.)

9) A drastic change in diets may cause constipation at first. May need to do a little “Stimulation”. (You can figure that one out on your own)

10) Temporary “Water Proofing” a small item. (Just stick it in, then tie it in a knot.)

I could go on and on, but for $5.00 a box, I think you can see my point. Take care, and see you on the other side. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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