Are You Prepared to Heal This Nation?

You got your food storage?


You got your water?


You have plenty ammo so you can kill all your friends and neighbors?


In this age of powerful hurricanes, firestorms, terrorism, earthquakes and civil unrest the prepper is doing it right, mostly. We have to fight our base of isolationism and get back to being people. We have to take a hold of our communities and get the cogwheels turning again. We prep because we want control of our uncertain future on this planet. Well, there is power in numbers and you will be able to accomplish so much more with your neighbors and your community.

Who is Tired of Riots and Division?

This same isolation is the cause of our issues with division and race relations. Its the truth! We have to come out from behind the protection of our devices and start meeting those who live around us. In my new book, Come Unity; Community out October 13th,  you will find that we are making Great Dividing Assumptions about one another that are affecting how we interact. If you think you know someone based on their bumper stickers or their political affiliation you are terribly mistaken.

Preppers come in all shapes and sizes. Since Donald Trump took office they also come in all political affiliations as well. I was contacted by The Daily Show to discuss the emergence of left wing preppers. Its a thing. Its good news. The more people are prepared the better it is for everyone. Are you ready to be part of the coalition to unite this nation.

Simple Community Steps

There are three core steps any community can take to become more cohesive. These steps are dual purpose and any attempt will yield great benefits.

  • Community Gardening
  • Neighborhood Communication
  • Neighborhood Watch

Each one of these will bring neighbors together while also putting your community on the fast track towards preparedness. In a disaster, if you have a small community garden its a little more food around. It also gives you the ability to expand and most importantly you have access to seeds. The precious seeds in that garden give you the option to seed your whole neighborhood.

The communication in your neighborhood is vital. It will pay dividends following a disaster and will also allow you to converse and plan fun activities

The watch keeps your community safe while establishing a base for what it may take to stay safe after a disaster.

Love Thy Neighbor

Lets take some of the best advice in history. Lets stop seeking out our grievances with one another and instead find common ground. We have plenty of enemies to face in this world. We needn’t create more through assuming we hate each other over things as trivial as politics or skin color.

You have the power to save this nation. The battle plan is in my book Come Unity: Community which is out Friday October 13h.

This is the next step in the evolution of the prepper. We started out providing for ourselves and assuring we have what we need to take care of our family. If we are the Sheppard’s of the future and prophets then we must get outside and get our arms around the it. In the same way that we have developed an incredible community of preppers that share information, we can do the same in our own communities.  You can do this.

Sorry But its all on You

If you don’t fix this nation, who will? How many years are you gonna complain about the politicians? We have pointed fingers long enough. Now its time to get started. In my opinion, its the preppers that are more capable of pulling this off than any other group. We know whats at risk and we have the knowledge to help plan for a more cohesive community.

You have your water and your food storage but are you prepared to be a neighbor? 












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