Be Paranoid Be Prepared

Be Paranoid Be Prepared
By Dina Tosto

For those that don’t know, when I’m not wearing my superhero prepper cape and tights (did I just write tights?) or I’m not surrounded by little people at school, as an assistant principal, I’m a pastor.  One thing that I don’t ever want to do is get to the point where I think that my little world is all that there is.  I’ve seen many ministers get that way.  They live, breath, eat ministry and forget that there is an ugly world out there.

Although preppers come from all walks of life, I think the same thing can be said for preppers.  I’m not saying that they believe the world isn’t ugly, but most of us have a good idea about what a prepper “might” look like, what their beliefs resemble, etc…

So my question as I write this short review is, can a prepper be a drug dealing stripper?

Be Parnoid Be Prepared’s setting is a place where the common prepper wouldn’t associate with preparedness.  The story makes some wide ranging assumptions without any real backup or elaboration,  conspiracies, etc.  But then again, it is a short work of fiction.  Or is it? Maybe we should all be a little bit more paranoid?

You’ll read this short story in 5-10 minutes.  The short story can be purchased at Amazon for .99, but will be a free download July 13-15.  You can download it here –