Be Paranoid Be Prepared

Be Paranoid Be Prepared
By Dina Tosto

For those that don’t know, when I’m not wearing my superhero prepper cape and tights (did I just write tights?) or I’m not surrounded by little people at school, as an assistant principal, I’m a pastor.  One thing that I don’t ever want to do is get to the point where I think that my little world is all that there is.  I’ve seen many ministers get that way.  They live, breath, eat ministry and forget that there is an ugly world out there.

Although preppers come from all walks of life, I think the same thing can be said for preppers.  I’m not saying that they believe the world isn’t ugly, but most of us have a good idea about what a prepper “might” look like, what their beliefs resemble, etc…

So my question as I write this short review is, can a prepper be a drug dealing stripper?

Be Parnoid Be Prepared’s setting is a place where the common prepper wouldn’t associate with preparedness.  The story makes some wide ranging assumptions without any real backup or elaboration,  conspiracies, etc.  But then again, it is a short work of fiction.  Or is it? Maybe we should all be a little bit more paranoid?

You’ll read this short story in 5-10 minutes.  The short story can be purchased at Amazon for .99, but will be a free download July 13-15.  You can download it here –

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  1. Dina Rae June 27th, 2012 at 10:07 am

    Thank you so much for reading Be Paranoid Be Prepared. For the record, I am a Christian and the book, The Last Degree, it prequels is a work of Christian fiction, conspiracy, New World Order, and secret societies. James Martin does get his act together and God uses him to prep and eventually combat. As a pastor, you would probably appreciate the extensive Tribulation study I weaved into the story’s plot. The Last Degree will come out next month.


  2. Tamika July 27th, 2012 at 11:58 am

    The first Nat Geo prepper show acmlspoiched at least one thing: it prompted some of us to look at life realistically. A few of us started paying attention, and in the end became preppers ourselves. Now, speaking for only my own family here, we do what we can to put food aside and we pay attention to the news and what *doesn’t* get reported. We’ve made plans for our immediate future and we’re learning skills we’ll need to become more self sufficient. We’ve also learned the value of not advertising. Even though I have a blog that usually addresses ways to be more self-reliant I don’t rail against the government. I don’t keep guns. I am not a threat to anyone else. We’re simply doing what we can. As much as I applaud the courage of those who were on the first Nat Geo show, I would never go on one of those shows. Too much exposure for my liking. It would have been right for those participants to get paid. shame on Nat Geo for not paying those folks. Shame on the producers for looking for sensationalism. I expect better than that from them. But I digress. Prepping is becoming more talked about, more folks are seeing the wisdom in it, if it’s balanced and sane. In all things balance. The government feels threatened by being prepared, partly, I think, because they know how much control they do not really have over Preppers . Without control, they would be left with no power, and thus rendered useless. It all comes back to power and control. If we can make this group look like lunatics, no one will take them seriously enough to follow their ideas, and we’ll look all the better for it.’No, the trick is to become as self-sufficient as possible while not advertising that you no longer need the government to pull your behind out of trouble. Stay under their radar and you’ll be left alone. That’s one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from all this.


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