Beef Versus Beans

Preppers. I am by no means a nutritionist. However, I am a Prepper, and proud of it. One thing that I have been thinking about lately is, “Am I Prepping the right foods?” With that in mid I wanted to do a little research. I do the Mylar Bag with Oxygen Absorbers on storing my food. Great for Rice, beans, sugar…etc. You can store meat. (Not in bags of course.) What is the better of the two. Lets take a look at two very different items to store. 1 cup of Ground Beef (Cooked), and 1 Cup of Red Kidney Beans. Below are how they stack up with the Preppers Nutrition aspects in mind.

1 Cup of Cooked Ground Beef
Calories  from Fat 206
Calories 339
Protein 31.18g

1 Cup of Red Kidney Beans
Calories  from Fat 18
Calories 620
Protein 41.46g

From this we can deduce that the more expensive (and much shorter shelf life) Beef. is a less advantages item to prep than Beans. Twice the Calories in Beans than Beef! That was surprising to me. Beans also have 1/3 more Protein than Beef! Wow. I think i am on the right path in my Preps, but I wanted to share this little tid-bit of information with you. Take care and see you on the other side. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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