Block And Tackle For Post SHTF

Block and Tackle is a MUST for preppers. Pretty cheap prep in my opinion. B&T allows you to pick up heavy loads easier than doing it by hand. You can cut the weight of an object, easily in half. Remember, after SHTF, no Chiropractors, and no muscle relaxers / pain killers. So save your back and use the Old Block And Tackle.

Wikipedia says…

“A block and tackle is a system of two or more pulleys with a rope or cable threaded between them, usually used to lift or pull heavy loads. The pulleys are assembled together to form blocks so that one is fixed and one moves with the load. The rope is threaded, or reeved, through the pulleys to provide mechanical advantage that amplifies that force applied to the rope.

Block and Tackle Post SHTF Uses…
1) Hoisting a Deer to Gut and Drain
2) Hoisting water barrels.
3) Lowering loads of food in your bunker
4) Moving big logs out of your way, or in position to cut.
5) Hoisting logs in position for your shelter.
Basically, anything heavy you want moved, lifted or lowered. So many more I can’t list them all. Well worth the cheap cost…
SYOTOS. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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