Broken tent repurpose

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What do you think of the message that Thomas sent us: “Recently I threw out an old pup tent that was beyond repair but managed to save the folding fiberglass poles. I soon found that those poles can be pretty useful in the field. One way to use it is to tape the poles in place after unfolding them and lashing some fishing wire to it turned them into a pretty good fishing pole(use 100-mile-an-hour tape to secure the pieces together). another use was to combine them with an ordinary tarp to help give structure to my tarp shelter and also to create a tripod-ed wash basin. However the best use I had made was combining all three poles then folding them in half to create thick bundle, then I lashed the bundle at he ends and twice in the middle, next I add some 550 cord, and presto chango I made a pretty effective bow for hunting small game(I manufactured arrows.) power is obviously not great but good for bunnies.”
Some comments we received: 

Comment #1: It’s exactly this type of mentality/adaptation that makes 100% difference in SHTF/emergency scenarios.. Nice work Thomas.

Comment #2: I did that with four tents in the past but over the years the strings broke the fiberglass cracked and all those ‘sticks’ went into the trash.

Comment #3: Don’t throw the tent away! You can find a pattern and make an Ultralight Backpack out of it.

Comment #4: I cut some to length to fit corner to corner in a military rain poncho. Makes a low shelter if laid flat on the ground and can be propped up on one end for a lean to.


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