Bugout Thoughts

Bugout Thoughts


Do you ever have bugout thoughts?  Taking some time to think through what a bugout would look like for you and your family is important.  It’s not sexy, but thinking through your bugout is a way to come up with some procedures or even things you missed in your planning.


Here are some bugout thoughts for you to consider.


Where are you bugging out to?

If you don’t have a place to bugout to, you’re not bugging out, you are evacuating. 


How will you ensure you can get out of your neighborhood or city before everyone else gets the same idea?

Once everyone else starts bugging out, you can count on the roads getting very congested and coming to a stand-still.  It happens every time!



What will you really take with you?

Is your BOB up-to-date?  Will family members want to bring other items along and slow your bugout down?



What is your plan B or C?  Have you planned for failures?

The best plans fail.  In that moment you don’t want to panic. You want to move to the next best plan.  What is it?



What happens after the reason for bugging out is over?

How will you know the event is over?  Have you prepared for a prolonged bugout?  Have you considered you’re never coming home?



These questions are big and general in nature.  However, they form the basis for your plans.  Take some time to think through these questions.  Don’t skip this thought experiment!