Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle


Why would anyone want to purchase a book on building the perfect bug out vehicle? Do you really need a whole book on the topic? What more could you want other than a CAMO painted 4×4 truck with big knobby tires? Isn’t that the perfect bug out vehicle? In the real world, that type of vehicle might not be the perfect bug out vehicle for you! But, this book is much more than just big tires and 4×4. In fact, Creek Stewart doesn’t even start talking about vehicles until chapter 11. There is much more to this book… I mean, don’t judge a book by its cover or title!


Creek Stewart, the author of the very popular, Build the Perfect Bug Out Bag and The Unofficial Hunger Games Wilderness Survival Guide, continues his Bug Out Series with very thorough considerations on what kind of vehicle, notice I didn’t say truck, you will need to But Out in an emergency.


“A BOV’s primary function is to get you, your loved ones, and your supplies from ground zero to your Bug Out Location. It is a means to an end, not the end itself. I don’t view a BOV as a long-term survival location.”

“You and I don’t have the same Bug Out needs. No one does. Married, single, no kids, Brady bunch, disabilities, pets, city, urban, rural, coastal, inland, mountains, plains, warm, cold – there is a never ending list of variables that forces us to make very unique BOV decesions.”

“The vast majority of readers will choose a car, truck, or SUV for a BOV. Ninety-five percent of this book revolves around those vehicles. Some, however, are considering bicycles, motorcycles, boats, or some other type of transportation either as a primary or maybe a secondary backup BOV that will be loaded and stored on or inside of a primary BOV.”


To get an idea of some of the chapters you will read when you pick up Stewart’s book here are some of the titles:
• BOV Essential Attributes
• BOV Survival Supplies
• BOV Vehicle Maintenance
• Off-Road Travel
• BOV Communications
• Vehicle Security and Defense
• Demystifying the Electromagnetic Pulse


As mentioned, Stewart doesn’t just keep to cars, trucks and SUV’s as options for a BOV. He also discuss the viability of boats, ATV’s, motorcycles, non-engine powered vehicles and airplanes. And like his other books, Stewart includes plenty of pictures and special inset sections where he discusses, BOV highlight’s, Quick Survival Tips and other helpful information.


Who Should Purchase This Book?


1. Anyone who plans to bug out in an emergency as a primary or secondary response. Stewart does a good job of laying out a lot of options and considerations that you might not have thought of. In this book, you have many suggestions that would take you hours of searching online and some information you might not find at all. After all, Stewart does this stuff as his day job.


2. Anyone who is new to preparedness. Although this book isn’t the first book I would recommend to someone new to preparedness, bug out bags and getting out of dodge are ALWAYS hot topics in preparedness. This book could save the newbie from making some costly mistakes as they setup their own preparedness plans.


Build the Perfect Bug Out Vehicle can be purchased on Amazon.


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