Cheap Hedges Against Uber Inflation / Collapse

Preppers. Would you guys quit buying Honda’s so I don’t have to work so many hours? (LOL) Seriously, sorry about not being able to post a bunch lately. As I said, VERY busy at work right now.

On to the post. Here are a few things that you can Prep to protect against astronomical inflation / financial collapse. I know a lot of people are buying gold and silver like crazy. However, if you are not rich (and I am not), then what other things can you use for bartering. Here are a few things that I have over looked, but I am now saving.

Pennies made pre 1983 are copper. Copper is a good commodity to keep and barter / melt down. Whatever. One copper penny (1982 and before) is actually worth 3 cents, just for the copper! Do you know anywhere else that you can get a 300% return on your investment? I don’t.

The content of Nickle in Nickles is not quite 100%. However, no matter the year, a Nickle is worth 7.5 cents in just its nickle content! Worth keeping I think.

I have heard that there are companies out there trying to buy old cell phone and computers. They are retrieving the gold from these units and saving it. If a company wants to buy it, it is probably not worth selling to them…LOL.

Remember what I have said in the past. Screw Gold and Silver, buy Lead and Brass. (Yea bullets).

Save your Pennies and Nickles, and SYOTOS. – Jiske-h (Ghost)


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