Could Your Survival Health Depend on One Simple Mineral That Can Prevent and Even Cure Cancer?

Is it possible there’s a simple cancer remedy you can use now and add to your prepping supplies for the future? Could selenium really be a miracle mineral for beating almost every kind of cancer? Keith Pendlebury of thinks so. He was my guest on DestinySurvival Radio yesterday.


Is this for real?

If you’re like me, you’re skeptical. Since there’s already a ridiculous number of cancer treatment claims out there, why would I expose you to yet another? Is it one of those “too good to be true” promises? 

That’s what went through my mind when Keith first contacted me early this past summer.

My mother-in-law is being treated for lung cancer. I wasn’t sure this was anything I’d feel comfortable telling her about. Would it be something she’d believe or want to try?

Keith’s e-mail sat for weeks before I deleted it. But he was persistent and contacted me again in August. This time I took a closer look and decided to have him on my show.

By the way, yesterday’s show wasn’t a sales pitch. I take health matters seriously because I want to give you solid info you can use, especially if it could mean your survival or that of a loved one.


Who is this guy anyway?

Keith isn’t a doctor, nor does he pretend to be one. He’s had his own serious health problems–strokes, heart attacks, diabetes, and has had part of a leg amputated. Personal research he’s done on health issues for several decades has given him a great deal of knowledge and has put him in good standing with many people, including doctors. 

I’ve reviewed plenty of info Keith sent me, and he’s done his homework. He’s on the level. He’s doing a good thing, and I’m glad he was my show guest yesterday.


What’s the deal with selenium?

In a nutshell, selenium is the ideal chemotherapy because it’s selectively absorbed by cancer cells. It drastically reduces tumors because it cuts off what cancer cells need to thrive on. 

It works even better when combined with vitamin E and a couple of other supplements. And that’s all Keith’s protocol calls for.

Keith’s not making money selling supplements, though he does recommend certain brands because they’ve been proven to work. And what he recommends is far less expensive than conventional chemotherapy. He has a free e-book about all of this on his site, and you’ll want to get a copy.

I appreciate the fact that his site is named One Cancer Cure, not THE cancer cure. That’s where we started our conversation yesterday.

He began talking about how selenium helped his friend Roger with prostate cancer. It’s an amazing story. You’ll find more specifics in the e-book.

Traditional cancer treatments are often more harmful than helpful. And when doctors talk about the success of a treatment, they have something different in mind than what you and I would think of as successful.

What Keith promotes is something simple that’s been proven to work–not just on one man, but in numerous studies. His protocol for curing cancer is different than the one for preventing it.


OK, so what now?

Keith’s knowledge of his subject is quite evident. He is quick with statistics. And he uses a good number of medical and scientific terms. But rather than recount much information here, I encourage you to get his e-book and hear my whole interview with him by listening to DestinySurvival Radio for September 20, 2012. Then you’ll be equipped to draw your own conclusions. 

Pharmaceutical companies aren’t interested in selenium. Neither are the various cancer associations and organizations. So far the U.S. and Canadian governments have left Keith alone. That makes now a good time for you to try his protocols for yourself and set aside selenium in your prepping supplies while you can.

To order the brand of selenium Keith recommends, click on the links in his e-book, or click on the image of the selenium bottle below. You’ll be taken to the page on where it’s featured. Add it to your cart to start the order process.

To order the vitamin E and other supplements Keith says to use, contact him through and make the arrangements with him. By doing it this way, you can help him defray his expenses in getting the word out to others who can benefit from this simple solution.

If you’re already dealling with cancer, or if you know someone who is, it’s worth taking a look at what Keith Pendlebury has to offer. Plus, if you’re concerned about exposure to unknown quantities of radiation from Fukushima in Japan, taking selenium to prevent cancer is an excellent plan. What have you got to lose?


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