COUNTERINTELLIGENCE Countermeasure: Information Is About Control

This is a very good article about Oakland, California’s Domain Awareness Center (DAC).  In classes we often talk about Information Dominance; we try to get the edge on our adversaries, and our adversaries on us.  Information Dominance means owning the information domain, and is much easier to gain with multimillion dollar facilities and billion dollar budgets.  But in our case, we’re fighting an insurgency of information collection.  They control conventional means like Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) surveillance, and we largely have to depend on what journalists can dig up, hence the importance of Every Patriot is a Sensor.  No one’s as smart as everybody, and no one can collect more than everybody.

At the soul of law enforcement Information Dominance is control.  I have no problems with law enforcement going after real criminals.  That’s what they’re supposed to do.  But we all have major problems, whether we’re aware of them or not, when law enforcement gains Information Dominance for reasons other than criminal control.  That’s exactly what Fusion Centers, and their function equivalents like Oakland’s DAC , are doing.

From East Bay Express:

… [A] staff attorney at the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California, was alarmed when we showed her emails that revealed that the Oakland Police Department has already started using the DAC to keep tabs on people engaged in First Amendment activity. “The fact that the focus so far has been on political protests, rather than the violent crime that’s impacting Oakland residents, is troubling, and telling about how the city plans to use the DAC,” she said.

“Information is always fundamentally about control,” she added.

While the emails reveal a great deal about the DAC, they are also notable for what they do not talk about. Among the hundreds of messages sent and received by Oakland staffers and the city’s contractor team responsible for building the DAC, there is no mention of robberies, shootings, or the 138 homicides that took place during the period of time covered by the records… In more than 3,000 pages of emails, the terms “murder,” “homicide,” “assault,” “robbery,” and “theft” are never mentioned.

So when we consider that federal, state, and local government are using our tax dollars against us, I immediately think of countermeasures.  In a conversation on WRSA today, I talked about applying counterinsurgency (COIN) principles in dealing with MRAP-driving mall-ninja teams like SWAT.  The sooner we all learn COIN principles and understand their application, the better equipped we’ll be in suppressing those who are so wonton to control us and our rights.

One relatively easy countermeasure to Information Dominance is simply disinformation.  Their objective is to collect as much information as possible, analyze it, and then improve the understanding of their targets.  Well, when their targets are you, then they’re looking for specific puzzle pieces so our job is to dump as many puzzle pieces from as many different puzzles into their puzzle piece pile.  We have to give them so much inaccurate information that we at least waste their time and resources.

Here are some practical examples.  If each Patriot in the movement started using Tor regularly then we’d increase the amount of users and make traffic analysis more difficult.  If each Patriot in the movement created a second Facebook account and a second email address under a different pseudonym or persona, then we’d make tracking the movement much more difficult.  More input requires more resources to analyze, especially when you consider the inclusion of the non-existent groups and organizations that we create through these alternate accounts.  Second- and third-order effects aside, groups can deflect attention by starting non-existent groups in your area.  For instance, the Union County Militia might start a new page called Union County Three Percenters and all (using Tor) create fake Facebook accounts who belong to that page or group.  Then start another one called Pike County Constitutionalists using another batch of fake Facebook accounts.  Faulty data is the way to skew analysis because analysts have a faulty starting point.

So if Information Dominance is primarily about control, the countermeasure is to create additional (non-existent) targets that the regime spends time and resources attempting to investigate and control.  Those time and resources detract from their efficiency, and ultimately negatively affect their mission accomplishment.


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