COVID-19 World Update to Stay Aware

stay aware


I’ve been watching Dr. John Campbell since I first heard of him in early February 2020.  As COVID-19 started ramping up, I shared out his video channel on my post Coronavirus for Preppers (Resources), which updates his and Chris Martenson’s videos automatically.  Although I don’t watch his daily videos like I used to, I thought this video was one to watch.  Why?  So you can stay aware of what is happening outside of your own location!


I always say that it is important for Preppers to stay aware of what is happening beyond their local situation.  I recommend checking out the Alt. News Hub to stay up on what is happening in the Alternative News sphere and also The Weekly Watchman, a curation of videos by Bible Prophecy teachers.  Even if you are not a Believer, I think that watching Bible Prophecy teachers is important because they often share out information that doesn’t make it to the mainstream or alternative news cycles.  They have big followings from around the world that share important news items with them.

Coronavirus Decisions

When you bring up COVID-19, it bring up a whole host of emotions.  Do you mask or do you not?  Do you go out?  Do you self-isolate?  Should the government lock down their cities? It comes down to doing what you feel is right for you and your family.  Ultimately, you are responsible!  You need to stay aware!


What do I think?  I think the virus is real.  Apparently, it isn’t as bad as we initially thought.  It isn’t the Spanish Flu!  But people are getting sick and some are dying.  Should we destroy our economy?  No!  But damage has been done and I don’t believe the genie goes back into the bottle at this point.  I also think this is being used by nefarious people to further their own agenda. But, that is my opinion and you need to come up with yours.


My view is to be smart and take precautions as I see fit.  I’m ok with social distancing – well, I was ok with that before COVID-19! LOLOL  I’m also ok with wearing a mask if I’m going to be in a place where a lot of people congregate.  I’m not a fan of taking big unnecessary risks.  I’ve always been like that!  But I do what I need to do.


One comment in Dr. Campbells’ most recent videos said this…

During WW2 families had to indure wondering if their

-son was going to come home

-brother was going to come home

-husband was going to come home..

-rationing food

-rationing gas


-if the country was going to get attacked…

We lost 405,000 Americans over the course of 4 years to defeat the Germans and Japanese…

So far we have lost close to 120,000 citizens to Covid 19 over 12 weeks and all we are being asked to do is to

-social distance

-wear a mask

-and wash your hands

It’s only been 4 months

And we can’t deal with that!!


A Video to Stay Aware

Again, you need to make your own decisions.  Which gets me back to the reason of why I’m sharing this video.  It provides an overview of what is happening in the world, something you might not be paying attention to, but is important.  I hope you take about 25 minutes to watch this video and more important, I pray that you stay aware of what is going on in your local, state, nation and world!