Deep Web – Secrecy and Security


Deep Web – Secrecy and Security
Everything to Stay One Step Ahead of the Bad Guys
Conrad Jaeger

Before budget cuts, I represented my school on the Gang Task Force for my district.  The Sheriff Dept. and district personnel kept us up-to-date on what was going on in the district.  They would often bring in guest speakers that were very informative, but one stuck with me.  The guests that month discussed online privacy and security.  At one point, members of the Houston Police Child Porn Task Force discussed how easy it was to view your data online.  He recounted one training that worried him so much that he called his wife afterwards and asked her to unplug the computer from the router.  This task force also showed us a real-time search for computers that were downloading/uploading known child porn files in our area.  It didn’t take them but about 5 minutes to find someone 6 miles away who was downloading known child porn images.  They made a note of the information and were going to get a warrant. (Side note: If you engage in porn, that is your thing – just don’t try to infringe on anyone’s rights.  However, if you engage in child porn, I feel your sexual parts should be cut off from your body! Too graphic? I don’t think so!)

That meeting sticks with me still today. Our lives are so connected to the internet that it isn’t funny.  Have you ever been in a room full of adults when everyone takes out their phones and starts checking Facebook?  We are communicating, sharing and leaving important details of our lives on computers, phones and internet devices all the time!  AND, then there are the “bad” guys who are trying to send you trojans, viruses, key loggers, spyware and the like in so many different ways that if you let your guard down, you can unknowingly send bad stuff to your friends and family without even pushing the send button!  It’s scary stuff!!!!!

This is where Deep Web – Secrecy and Security comes into the mix.  If you are already convinced, go to Amazon and pick up the book.  It is currently $7.99!  I strongly recommend it!  If not, read on!

Deep Web – Secrecy and Security provides a lot of information in a small ebook.  Jaeger provides a TON of links and how-tos.  He makes it very easy to navigate the internet safely.

The book will take you through the basics of internet security; to navigate safely and securely all the way up to the Cloak & Dagger stuff.  The truth however, is many in the Preparedness Community will not need it for the super secrete interwebs communication.  But I know and have had many conversations with those who are concerned about Operational Security (OPSEC) who can EASILY take advantage of the information to surf more safely.

Here are the table of contents with subheadings:

1. Taking Control

2. The Family: Browser, Search Engines, Email, Virus, System Security, Software, Shred, Keep it simple,  Smartphone, Downloading, Photos

3. The Blogger

4. The Whistle Blower

5. The Campaigner

6. Using Hidden Networks: First Steps, Using Tor, Entry Points, Search engines

7. The Toolkit: Portable Access, Free Portable Apps, Smartphone

8. Setting up Secure Coms: Email, Private Messaging, Deep Chat, Deep Social Networks, Secret Messaging

9. Encryption and Cryptography: PGP Public Key Cryptography, Disc Encryption/Erasure, Free Encryption Software, Free Data Shredding Software

10. Steganography – hiding things inside things

11. Transferring Secret Data: Downloading, Uploading, Hosting, Storing & Sharing,

12. Producing videos and stills

13. Basic Computer Security: Avoiding Viruses, Trojans and Spyware, Recommended Free Programs, What’s Running Now?, Zero Emission Pads, Windows OS, Windows Security Center, Pagefile/Swapfile,  Hibernation, Alternative Software, Cleaning Up, Erasing History

As you can see, this little 38 page ebook packs a punch of information.  Like I said before, the author provides you with a ton of links to free, open-source software and how-tos.  Even if you don’t go all James Bond, the information in the last chapter is well worth it and can even help speed up your computer. But other points of interests for the prepper are going to be how to encrypt usb drives, how to safely send email, how to communicate when the internet goes down on the “surface” or communicating inside the “deep web” and browsing the internet without leaving any traces of who you are and what you are viewing.

The fact is that it isn’t hard to achieve more safety and security in regards to your online activities.  This is a skill that every modern day prepper/survivalist should know.

Consider Jaeger’s book Deep Web as part of your important preps and purchase the ebook on Amazon.  It will be worth it!  Purchase Deep Web Here!

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