Disinfecting Cleaning Solutions From Scratch

Disinfecting Cleaning Solutions From Scratch

Commercial disinfectant products consist of many chemicals that may cause allergic reactions, vomiting, respiratory problems, irritation of skin, and may pollute the air in your home. Moreover they are expensive. You need to take care for you and your family’s health. There is no need of unpleasant situations because of a cleaning product. So the safer method is to make a cleaning detergents by yourself. They are made by cheap products such as vinegar, baking soda, water and etc. and are strong competition to those that are bought from the shop.

You do not need to disinfect every room and every day, but disinfection is a necessity in the bathroom and the kitchen. Here are some DIY disinfecting cleaning solutions from scratch to keep it naturally.

If you want to kill the germs off the surfaces in your home, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, here is a recipe for a home-made disinfecting cleaner.


  • Half cup of white vinegar
  • One tsp baking soda
  • Ten drops of tea tree oil
  • Spray bottle

Direction: Mix them in a clean spray bottle with 400-500 ml of hot water. When you spray on the surfaces, let the liquid sit for ten minutes and then wipe it off. You can say goodbye to the germs.

Here is a another recipe for disinfectant that is most commonly used for the bathroom. What do you need?

  • Clean an old spray bottle
  • Half cup of both white vinegar and vodka
  • Ten drops of both lavender and lemon essential oils
  • Half cup of hot water

You can spray any surface of the bathroom and let the DIY product sit for about ten minutes. If you want to do it the right way, use different microfibre cloth for sink, mirror, shower, tub and toilet. There will be no germs.

Another way to deal with the germs is this recipe for disinfecting. Mix in a bucket…

  • Three quarters cup of chlorine bleach
  • 1 tsp laundry powdered cleaner
  • Gallon of hot water

Leave the liquid for a little more than five minutes. After that you can rinse and wipe off the surfaces with a sponge or a microfibre cloth. You can disinfect, deodorize and clean tubs, sinks, showers, porcelain, ceramics, chairs, diaper pails, tables, garbage cans, fridges. Do not use it on trim or aluminum surfaces.

For the next recipe you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons of borax
  • Three cups of hot water
  • Four spoons of white vinegar
  • Spray bottle

Shake the substances. Now you have a powerful disinfectant and every single germ will be eliminated. When you spray on surfaces, leave the product for 5-10 minutes. Then rinse carefully and dry it.

Another easy and natural way to disinfect the bathroom and the kitchen is by mixing equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol. Spray wherever it is required and leave it for seven-eight minutes. Then rinse and wipe off with a cloth. Notice that you need to clean the surfaces first, and then to disinfect them. It is a part of the cleaning process, not the cleaning process itself.

Using natural products is much more safer and does not cause health problems. They are as effective as the commercial ones, but less dangerous and cheaper. Keeping you and your family safe is your main purpose. Disinfection is essential and necessary, but it does not need to be chemical and toxic. Killing germs in the eco-friendly way is the better way for you and your beloved.


The article is contributed by Amy Reeves.


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