Don’t Throw Out That Weber Grill

This winter my husband was tickled to find a new grill at our local home improvement store on sale at a screamin’ price. He was whistling the whole drive home and I could tell he was extremely pleased with his new purchase. When we pulled into our drive way I asked him, “What are we going to do with the Weber?” He replied, “Take it to the dump”. My heart dropped and my face turned red with panic. Not my Weber that was 30 years old and handed down to me. Granted the legs are really wobbly now and it looks in pretty rough shape. I still couldn’t just let go of the first grill that taught me how to cook on charcoal. While he was setting up his new grill, I dragged my old Weber into my heat controlled room in my shop, which is basically my “chick” den and kept it there until I could figure out what I wanted to do with the old girl.

After a night of sleeping on it, I decided that I wanted to make an in ground smoker out of it. The next morning I took my shovel over to my burn pit and started digging a round deep hole that was the size of the under part of the Weber. It needed to be dug deep enough so it would fit in the hole and the lip of it would be even with the ground. After the hole was dug, I put some crushed rock down in the bottom of the hole and slid the bottom part of the Weber right in. Now I filled in the dirt all around the hole and made it all snug and tight.

So my smoker was starting to come together. I placed some large rocks in the bottom of the smoker and put in place the “lower” grill over those. Then I put the bigger grill into place. Now it was time to put the lid on and that would be that. The lid is important since you will need a way for the smoke to escape. The Weber is perfect for that because I can turn the top “smoke vent” as much or as little as I want in order to manipulate the amount of smoke able to escape.

Some lovely round rocks were put around the unit in order to make it look permanent and I was pleased to be done. My hubby came home and was amazed to see what I had made out of the old Weber. He has always wanted a smoker, so I feel it was a win win for both of us. I got to keep my old friend and he gets to play around with different types of wood chips and how they flavor the meat by means of smoking. Here is a picture of my Weber that has been turned into our smoker.


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