Doomsday Prepper Experts Revealed!

Disclaimer – This is not exclusive information.  This information can be easily found online…if you know where to look.  But first…


The first “made for TV” show that I watched when I started my journey in PREPAREDNESS was the first season of The Colony.  The old professor type guy was the greatest!  He made so many cool things on the show.  But when he made the woodgasifier, I was hooked!


So, when I watched the first ever Doomsday Prepper show (I list a few of those first Doomsdayers  here), I was excited to see a truck run on a woodgasifier.


The two guys that were highlighted on that segment were David Kobler (SouthernPrepper1) and Scott Hunt (Enginer775).


I don’t know who the experts were on that first Doomsday show, but I really wasn’t impressed in their critiques and advice.


This year, the “experts” are different people, real preppers who have the skills, live the life and give a lot better advice, they are David Kobler and Scott Hunt.  Watch the video below put out by David, SouthernPrepper1, on his Youtube Channel.  I appreciate his reason for being a part of the show.



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