Drip Dry Your Laundry & Water Your Garden

This one’s simple.

Dry your laundry and water your plants at the same time.

1) String a laundry line over your tomato plants (or basil or really anything you’re growing that needs watering.) We tend to water our tomato plants and tomatillos as they don’t need much water and our grape vine digs it, too.

2) Wash your clothes but don’t do a spin cycle. It saves about 10-15 minutes’-worth of laundry-time hence it saves electricity.

3) Carry your wet clothes out to the line and hang them up.

4) Let them drip over your plants until they’re dry. (Oh, and it makes sense to use an eco-friendly laundry soap. We have lots of ideas in our app or your could make your own.)

Drying laundry = happy tomato & tomatillo plants.

5) No need to water your plants. We use this drip-irrigation system all summer long.

I learned this trick from friends in Nepal who hung our laundry over their garden. Saved lots of water and here at home it saves electricity, too.

Symbiosis between your laundry and your garden.

If you’re looking for some more frugal or sustainable laundry tips, try our Trash Backwards app.


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