Earthquake & Elenin

Disclaimer: I’m not a prophet and I don’t play one on Sunday morning.

A few months ago I came across a few articles on the comet Elenin and the gravitational pull that it would have when aligned with the Sun. It was interesting reading. More interesting was that supposedly there was a future alignment that could cause another big earthquake. One article even gave the date around the Jewish holiday, Rosh Hashanah, September 28-30, 2011.


I don’t know why I did it, but I added the date to my calendar. That seemed so long ago. Now I find myself a week away from a supposedly alignment date. I’m not fearful though.


There has been a lot done on the comet. You can find arguments denying an alignment vs. arguments that we are headed for one of the worst earthquakes ever. They all make for interesting reading….if you’re into that kind of stuff.


My views on Elenin are kind of my views on the Book of Revelations and Biblical prophecy. I grew up in a denomination that focused on the “End Times.” I remember attending special services where a guest minister would break out a blackboard and go to town with facts, figures and Scripture references.


Later on, I watched the videos and books on the “End Times” because it was so interesting and…. who doesn’t want to be in the know of how and when it all comes down?


As I got older, my views changed. I don’t hold one view or the other when it comes to the Biblical interpretation of the Book of Revelations, Daniel and various Scripture. (A commentary I reference often – HERE) Instead, I choose to know the various views/interpretations and then keep my eyes open for what’s out there or what may come.


I’ve applied this same philosophy to Elenin.

Some things to consider:


If you are prepared….

and nothing happens, you had a chance to scenario plan, think through what preps you have and which you still need. You have the confidence that, although you might not be totally prepared (is anyone ever?) you won’t get caught flat footed.


and there is a major earthquake in your area, you break out the preps and get to work. Your family and others who depend on you are grateful that you have prepared and they aren’t starving or out in the cold shivering or heat melting.


If you are not prepared…

and the poop hits the fan, you will be in shock, panic, worry and stress. You will have to depend on others to help you through, even when they are in need themselves or you will place your life and the life of your family in the hands of whatever government assistance is out there.


and nothing happens, you dodged another bullet. BUT, at some point, sometime, an emergency situation will arise. Use your time to think through what emergencies might come up: natural, man-made, job loss, etc. AND do something about it.


I’m going to go about my regular business next week: going to work, family activities, blogging, prepping… But I’m also going to be watchful. If I hear a rumble, I won’t think it is my stomach from the bad queso the night before!