Emergency Preparedness Basics with Essential Oils

As I travel and educate people about essential oils, I get asked one question a lot. What oils should I have on hand in case of an emergency? Maybe you haven’t asked this specific question, but you’ve wondered how you would deal with illness and pain if a doctor wasn’t immediately available. Knowing what your body needs, and having those needs available is something everyone should be prepared with.

Here are the essential oils I recommend having for your day-to-day use, as well as in your emergency kit.


  • Clove- for pain and toxins; relieves toothaches, headaches, and other pain; can draw toxins and infections from the body. Natural numbing agent
  • Frankincense- for inflammation and more; enhances the effects of other oils; relieves headaches; supports skin tissue recovery; soothes restlessness.
  • Lavender-for calming and stress reduction; relieves stress, anxiety, and insomnia; takes away pain of bee stings, hives, and other allergic skin reactions; relieves burns and other skin irritations.
  • Lemon- for cleansing and mood elevation; natural antioxidant and detoxifier; natural cleansing agent; elevates mood and helps reduce stress and fatigue; helps balance acidity levels, calms upset stomachs, and encourage elimination.
  • Lemongrass- for cramping muscles; soothes sore and cramping muscles (apply with peppermint for best results); helps warm feet in winter; naturally cleansing.
  • Melaleuca- for soothing and healing; can be used as a first aid ointment; relieves skin irritations like bug bites, athlete’s foot, eczema and psoriasis; aids in immune system support against throat and respiratory pathogens; helps with slivers in skin (apply with clove).
  • Oregano- for immune system support; bacterial infection support; works as a natural defense; helps relieve back and joint pain, and inflammation.
  • Peppermint- for indigestion and cooling; relieves headaches and other pain; apply on location for bumps, bruises, or nerve pain; calms upset stomach or nausea; helps increase energy; can cool the body.
  • AromaTouch for stress relief and relaxation; relieves inflammation in body.
  • Breathe– for respiratory support; relaxes the body and mind; useful during allergy season, assists those with asthma.
  • Deep Blue- for muscle and joint health; relieves muscle and joint pain caused by arthritis, bruises, headaches, inflammation, overexertion, sprains, and more; useful before and after workouts
  • DigestZen- for natural digestive support; relieves digestion discomforts such as food poisoning, acid reflux, nausea, constipation, or diarrhea; supports digestive function.
  • On Guard- for natural immune defense; contains oils shown to inhibit MRSA (antibiotic-resistant staph bacteria); stops the growth of viruses and bacteria; aids in mold inhibition; helps kill airborne pathogens; helps knock out colds and sore throats; helps support the immune system.
  • Purify- for natural pathogen defense; helps eliminate airborne pathogens; use to help cleanse cuts and wounds; helps purify surfaces; relieves skin irritations such as insect bites; supports the body’s natural defenses.
  • TerraShield-for repelling insects and bugs; deters flying insects and ticks; helps protects pets from ticks and fleas.


Aimee is a certified Aromatouch specialist with doTERRA Essential Oils, and teaches classes in oil instruction and healthy living. She has a fitness blog that focuses on eating healthy and staying fit, and teaches group fitness classes in cycling and yoga. She loves helping others realize the joy of a healthy lifestyle! Visit her website at www.essentialcorporatewellness.com for more info.


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