Essential Dooms Day Preppers for Elders

Essential Dooms Day Preppers for Elders

The world has been bombarded with never-ending disasters and calamities. These life-threatening events take the form of crimes, accidents and other nature-related untoward events. People seem powerless to protect themselves when they become victims of unexpected and dreadful scenarios that fate allows to happen. This is particularly the case for vulnerable people in the society who need double efforts in protecting themselves against the impending doom-the elderly people. You may catch yourself becoming worried about your senior citizen parents or your granny, not having the power to fight off robbers that may break in at their place. Is there anything you can do about this beyond just worrying? You would find that taking proactive steps in helping the elderly is possible once you are well-informed of the facts surrounding the nature of this issue.

Experts reveal that elderly people are at risk of becoming victims of crimes, accidents and natural disasters as compared to their younger counterparts. According to John Feather in his Huffington Post article, 42 % of Americans over 65 years of age have a certain functional limitation, one way or another, that can cause difficulty when responding to urgent situations. The advent of diverse technological trends has now made it possible for elderly people to be better in protecting themselves against the unexpected dooms that lie ahead. When the 21st century brought about the growth in technology, people from all walks of life have found it easier to adjust themselves against sudden turn of events. The issue that you and your elder family members face is the challenge of extending your efforts when using the extraordinary stuff that guarantees safe haven against impending dooms.

Go wireless

Have you ever thought of how the cognitive ability of elders tends to be impaired? You may have heard that Alzheimer’s disease or “the ills of forgetfulness” is a common thing among the elderly. You say one thing to your grandmother, and the next minute she forgets about it. But, what happens if this occurs every time an emergency comes up? In this case, it is helpful to send reminder message alerts to your granny that emergencies are just around the corner.

A mobile phone that is enabled to send emergency alerts SMS pings your granny in case she forgets that there are upcoming tornado and other natural and man-made disasters around her area. These messages come from different local government agencies. She would have her memory refreshed if there is a need to prepare for the impending doom. Taking the initiative to stock up on the essentials like food and emergency supplies is something your granny can do ahead of time before her house gets struck by a disaster.

Perk up with the all-hazards radio

Does your elderly loved one stay up late at night to keep up to date on breaking disaster news on TV? Or, is she an early sound sleeper at night? If your elderly loved one is not a night owl, she would have a difficult time being woken up when breaking news on upcoming disaster is just around the corner.

The all-hazards radio wakes up sound sleepers to alert them of breaking news, you, especially, your elder loved ones need to know to get early prepping. When sudden hurricane is about to strike the area in the middle of the night, elders are alerted to prep their place with additional walled structure to avoid elders getting hurt when things fall off from the ceiling. You would not need to worry about your elder family not having the right support that she needs at odd hours of the day.

Attack detection mode comes to the rescue

With the trending digital gadgets around, especially smartphones, it is no surprise that some emergency prepping devices accompany mobile phones. One of the leading smartphone makers, Apple, takes the innovative measure by coming up with an application in an IPhone that provides alerts when you are in emergency situations.

Apple came up with the attack detection mode in their latest version of IPhone to quickly rescue you from crime scenes. The vulnerability of your elder family calls for immediate assistance when encountering robbers and violent attackers. It takes efforts for elders to deal with unexpectedly dangerous things in your home, especially when you are not there to look after them, even if they are living with you at the same place. Elderly people are at risk of having lower resistance against urgent and violent situations. Once the attack detection mode in the IPhone detects violent robbery encounters, its sensors automatically transmit calls to concerned parties in time for rescuers to arrive on the scene and give help.

Getting help with just the press of a button

Countless elders have mobility impairments that prevent them from swiftly moving about from one place to another. In times of emergency, this becomes problematic. Every time you are off to work, you would have to worry about your mother not being able to call for help when she needs it.

Wearing a necklace and getting help without the worries of moving about to reach the telephone synchronizes with the needs arising out of mobility issues. Wearers of the necklace needing medical and other urgent problems presses the button of the necklace, and calls transmit out of the system to 911 to get the rescue team to come in no time. The necklace is kind of an alarm clock that wearers can press as needed without having to bother with undergoing several processes to get the results that they need.

Bracelets also come in handy

Emergency response systems may also be contacted through the means of wearing a bracelet. Like how the necklace mentioned previously is used, the user simply presses the button on the bracelet, and help comes in no time. Elders have the option to choose between a necklace or a bracelet. They can choose the necklace over the bracelet, or vice versa, based on the jewelry choice that they prefer.

When nobody is around, and elders fall

Considering that elders have many mobility and other health problems, it is not uncommon to hear stories of them falling off the stairs from their house. The problem usually does not become a big issue if you are there to immediately give her the help that she needs. But, what if nobody is around to help your elder father?

The automatic fall detection is something that elders can wear as a necklace. When he falls from the stairs, the necklace automatically senses it and places a call for help. Because the necklace gives off skin contact, if you are away, you can immediately detect it if your elder father is not wearing the necklace. If your father has Alzheimer’s and forgets to wear the necklace a lot, you can constantly give him the heads up to remind him to wear the necklace.

Helps elders in hearing out

As people age, they tend to have a hard time hearing. Because of this, they cannot respond to emergency sounds that need immediate response on their behalf. Personal sound amplification with alarm systems for elders gives a quick ping with enough sound quality, just in time to prompt an action to be taken in times of emergency.

Heart attack warning

Mortality rates have increased at an earlier age than how they were two decades back. 65 year olds now enjoy 1.7 extra years than people from two decades ago. One of the leading mortality causes is heart disease. Early detection of an upcoming heart attack helps prevent the attack before it happens. A wearable heart attack device is an assistive alarm system that gives warning if a heart attack is bound to happen to the patient. It is a futuristic device that experts are considering inventing. According to experts’ studies, this device is structured to have two biomarkers that drop automatically, two weeks before a heart attack, thus, saving several lives.

Help in escaping disasters

Elders are bound to have memory gaps, causing them to forget or misplace things. This becomes a problem once emergencies strike. When an earthquake occurs or a criminal intruder comes in, what can an elderly do to escape when she can’t find her keys to her locked front door? The radio-wave home key finders allows for a tagging of a beeping sound to the missing keys from the base station. Quickly pressing the button at the base station gives a beeping sound to the keys, having the keys found in no time when times call for swift actions.

The advent of Bluetooth

Radio-wave home key finders may also come in the form of a pairing with a smartphone and a Bluetooth app. This combination of elder alarm systems works quite the same way as the regular radio-wave home key finders. The only exception is that the combination provides a map of the tag’s present location, can act as an alarm if the phone, tag are not together and provide a button to the tag to cause an alarm to sound off from the phone, if you have the keys with you but the phone is nowhere to be found.

The essential doomsday must-have list for elders echoes the continuous technological progress that the dawning of the 21st century offers. The self-help devices in the list save you the time and effort from worrying about how to give extra protection to your elders when you feel that you seem can’t do it. Having these devices by your elderly loved ones’ side does not speak of you as uncaring by lacking the initiative to look after them yourself 24/7. In fact, providing these devices to your elderly just goes to show that you care enough for them to give them the independence they need, in support of the prepping tools that they can use.


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