Essential oils for a survival kit

We posted on our Facebook page:

Do you carry any essential oils in your survival kit? Which ones and why?

Some comments we received:

Comment #1:  Neem oil. It’s a great insect repellent. It does smell like hell though. Also heard claims that its can be used as a contraceptive, I imagine it would be difficult to get together with anyone that smelled like that.

Comment #2:  Two items that I like to have with me at home or traveling are Swedish Bitters and Activated Charcoal. They both have so many uses as first aid and home care remedies, both for internal and external use.

Comment #3:  Oil of Oregano for tooth and gum discomfort. Something easily gathered wild for birth control is wild carrot seed. Haven’t tried it myself.

Comment #4:  Lets see. I have Tea tree, peppermint, thieves (an antibacterial blend) lavender, geranium ( to help control bleeding) oregano, lemon, citrus blend, purification ( insect repellant) Pan away ( for aches and pains) and rosemary. I also carry a small bottle of coconut oil in case any EO gets into the eyes…

Comment #5:  Lavender for burns, cuts, infections, relaxation; Peppermint for fevers, respiratory problems, headaches ,stomach problems, heat exhaustion, poison ivy/oak; Lemon is a strong antimicrobial, anti bacterial so it’s good for cleaning, antiseptic, respiratory problems, sore throat and long term water storage; Thieves for all kinds of stuff and Frankincense for all kinds of stuff.


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