Essential Oils for Common Sense Disaster Preparedness

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It’s no secret that over the past few decades, Americans have become increasingly busy, increasingly pressured, and increasingly overwhelmed with information and media.  We are busy people.  I don’t know about you, but any time I can kill two birds with one stone, I am happy!

When it comes to working toward my goal of greater preparedness, I’m always thrilled when something that helps with my preparedness is also useful to me in my daily life.  It’s even better if it saves me money in my daily life.  And if it helps me with my health, happiness, and well-being, we’ve got a winner!

As today is the first day of spring, I’ve got gardening on my mind more and more.  I’ve got spinach, lettuce, and carrots growing in a cold frame in the backyard.  I just put in cold-hardy pea plants.  And I’ve got cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprout seedlings growing indoors.  I know the efforts I make to develop my gardening skills and invest in gardening supplies will pay off.  Not only will I be developing my self-sufficiency and long-term preparedness, but I will save money on groceries while consuming healthier food.  It’s a win-win all around!

I see investing in essential oils and learning to use them in much the same way.  When I first founded Essential Survival back in January 2010, essential oils were relatively unknown in the “prepper” realm.  I was often met with the equivalent of a blank stare when I would blog and teach about using essential oils for disaster and long-term preparedness.

Today, things are a little different.  It’s thrilling to see essential oils bursting into the consciousness of frugal, preparedness-minded folks the world around!

Non-toxic and safe for the entire family and with no expiration date, the essential oils I have been using personally for 8 1/2 years and have been sharing with the world for over 4 years – essential oils from Young Living – are a MUST-HAVE for every family serious about preparedness.  Take a look at some of our powerful essential oils that are scientifically proven to reduce inflammation, clear toxins, and fight infections:

Essential Oils for Injuries Common in Disasters

  • Stop bleeding — Apply lavender oil neat to cuts, scrapes, and all types of wounds to stop the bleeding.
  • Relieve shock — Inhale peppermintfrankincense, and/or Valor oils.  Diffuse 50/50 and apply to temples and back of neck.  Also, apply vetiver oil to the big toes and temples.  Inhale.
  • Relieve pain — Apply PanAway or peppermint oils neat or diluted on site of soft tissue injuries or headaches.  For open wounds, use lavender oil.
  • Head injury — Apply 1 drop each of frankincense and peppermint oils to soft palate 2-3x/day or as needed.
  • Prevent wound infection — Lavender disinfects and heals wounds of all types.  Apply neat on location or dilute with a carrier oil.  Thieves or Purification can be used for further disinfection.  Apply neat or diluted directly to wound as needed.

Essential Oils for Post-Disaster Injuries

  • Animal bites — Cleanse the bite with a couple of drops of Thieves oil neat or diluted.  Diluted peppermint oil may be dabbed around the bite for pain.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning — Immediately move the affected individual to an area with fresh air, and call for medical help.  To help re-oxygenate the body, do the following protocol every 3-4 hrs.  Massage a few drops of Valor on bottoms of feet.  Sprinkle several drops of Purification oil along the spine and lightly massage into the tissue.  Diffuse Purification oil and massage 4 drops on the feet, focusing on the balls of the feet, tops of feet, and bases of toes.
  • Electrocution — Apply frankincense oil neat along the temples, neck, and spine.  For electrical burns, apply helichrysum oil to help the tissue to regenerate.
  • Chemical exposure — Apply 3-7 of lavenderlemon, or Purification oils (or a mixture of the oils) on area of absorption (ie hands).  Cover with clean cotton gloves or fabric, wrap lightly with cotton bandages, keep on all night.
  • Heat exhaution — Apply peppermint oil to feet and across shoulders.  Apply a cold, damp towel over the area for further cooling.  Peppermint oil may also be added to drinking water to keep cool (avoid plastic containers).

*Please seek immediate medical help, if available, in addition to these essential oil remedies for these very serious injuries.*

Just as a serious, preparedness-minded gardener will ensure they are using organic, heirloom seeds and plants in their garden and will go to great lengths to avoid using toxic chemicals, the quality of essential oils you select for your family is of utmost importance.  The essential oils in the Essential Oil Survival Kit/Premium Starter Kit are the perfect place to start harnessing the power of essential oils for your family.

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