Essential Oils for MERS, Superbugs, & Pandemics

Right now the news is buzzing with information on a new virus that is gaining hold in the Middle East, MERS or Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, a novel coronavirus.   This virus first discovered in 2012 is currently killing 30% of the people who contract it, including doctors and healthcare staff in hospitals who are attempting to treat patients.  What is particularly concerning to healthcare officials about MERS is that there are no drugs or vaccines that work against it, leaving the medical community stumped and helpless.

So far, there have been 339 confirmed cases of MERS and 102 fatalities.  But infection and fatality rates appear to be fast on the rise with 26 confirmed cases in the last several hours alone.

We don’t know if this virus will stay contained within the Middle East or what could happen if it were to spread globally.  In any case, my reaction is not one of fear but one of thinking ahead and personal action.

The truth is that MERS is yet another reminder to us of something the head of the World Health Organization herself stated a couple of years ago – that our medical system is facing a crisis of monumental proportions.  Antibiotics are becoming ineffective and as a result, we are rapidly approaching  “the end of modern medicine as we know it . . .” where people could soon not only die from superbugs and pandemics, but even a scratched knee!

Even if a vaccine were to be developed for MERS that were to be proven safe and effective (and the chances for that are slim to none), it does not change the fact that if we wish to maximize our chances of steering clear of infectious diseases such as MERS, swine flu, bird flu, MRSA, or whatever pandemic or superbug that could arise on the scene, it is absolutely ESSENTIAL to use natural medicines and strategies to build our immune system from the ground up!

Why I Consider Essential Oils ESSENTIAL for Pandemic Preparedness

True, therapeutic-grade essential oils are ideal for use not only in everyday infections such as cold and flu, but to have on hand for pandemic preparation.

Essential oils like the ones I use that are unadulterated and gently steam-distilled from plants are Mother Nature’s most potent medicines.  Certain essential oils, such as cinnamon, clove, rosemary (ingredients in my favorite antimicrobial blend Thieves) as well as oregano oil are very well-known to wipe out viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens – including drug-resistant Superbugs.

Each single essential oil contains small amounts of upwards of 80-300 natural constituents.  Essential oil molecules are actually, in effect, the blood of the plant.  They have a very small molecular size and can easily penetrate not only the skin, but right through the cell membranes.  Indeed, essential oil molecules are extremely compatible with the body’s cells, because they were designed from the beginning to perform essential functions in the living cells of the plants from which they came, such as immune functions.

Antimicrobial essential oils can wipe out pathogens that drugs can’t touch.  And the pathogens can’t easily mutate and become resistant to them because, unlike drugs, their chemical make-up is so complex and they vary in chemical make-up from growing season to growing season.  Antimicrobial essential oils carry oxygen molecules into the cells and actually nourish and promote regeneration of the body’s cells, while at the same time being deadly to viruses and bacteria.

True therapeutic-grade essential oils are potent, concentrated, portable, and if our oils are stored properly with lids on tightly and out of extremes in temperature they have no expiration date.

How to Use Thieves & Oregano Oils for Infectious Disease

If I had to pick just two essential oils to start with for my pandemic preparedness, it would be Thieves and oregano oils, hands-down.  These oils would be your best friends if you were ever faced with exposure to a deadly pathogen.  And they are actually two of my best friends during the winter to help me quickly beat any cold or flu that could come my way!

Here’s how to use these powerful oils:

1.  Apply 1-4 drops each of Thieves and oregano on the bottoms and arches of the feet as frequently as every 10 minutes (for serious infection or if exposure to a serious microbe is suspected), every 2 hours, or even 2-3x/day.  Use less for children.  For babies you can even use a half a drop by putting a drop in your hand and just swiping half that amount on the feet.

2. Diffuse Thieves oil in a cold-air diffuser to kill airborne microbes (oregano may be too irritating to the sinuses to diffuse for long).

3. Take 3-4 drops each of Thieves and oregano oils internally in homemade gel capsules, diluted with a few drops of olive oil.  These can be taken 3x/day or even more if needed for major problems.

4.  You can also drop 3-6 drops of Thieves and oregano oils up the spine “Raindrop”-style and gently massage them into the spine for a fantastic boost to the immune system.  (Information on the Raindrop technique here.)

Again, it’s important to remember to use the oils quickly, use them frequently, and use them in conjunction with other immune-boosting nutrients and supplements, and antimicrobial agents.  More information on that in my article Using Natural Remedies for Infectious Disease.

For more ideas on strategies for preventing infection, check out my article Preventing Infection Now & In a Disaster/Collapse Scenario.

When it comes to preparedness, I am always happy to stock up on items that are useful not only in an emergency or pandemic situation, but will benefit my life (and save me money) in my day-t0-day normal life whether or not the $*@% hits the fan!  Thieves and oregano oils are just the thing for a Pandemic Preparedness Starter Kit as well as to benefit your immune health right now.


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