16 Resources that Will Help Fight the Flu

Fight the Flu

The Best Prepper Flu Resources that Will Help Fight the Flu

fight the flu

Week Ending – Dec. 21, 2019!

“Getting the flu is fun,” said no person ever!  The aches, pains, fever and wasted days recovering isn’t something you want to deal with.  As preppers, we should have a plan in place to prevent and, if necessary, treat this evil bug!  This article will hopefully be one of the best prepper flu resources for those wanting to find a bunch of natural flu information to fight the flu quickly!

Using Essential Oils, Recipes and More

Let’s start off with some ways that you can use essential oils.  EO’s are a powerhouse of natural healing ability.  Every prepper should have a basic stock of essential oils and learn how to use them.  There is a myriad of uses for EO’s.  I recommend the Spark Naturals brand.  You can purchase them at Amazon.

DIY Cold and Flu Medicine aka the Cold and Flu Bomb – by my good friend Gaye Levy of Strategic Living Blog.  She is my goto person for essential oil questions.  This article not only talks about how to use essential oils in salves and diffusers, but she gives you recipes so you can whip up your own batch of remedies to fight the flu.

In, Natural Cold and Flu Remedy: Eucalyptus Shower Bombs, another good friend, Daisy Luther, gives you the recipe to make your very own flu shower bomb.  Imagine getting into a hot shower and dropping one of these explosive remedies on the shower floor!

If you like recipes for rubs that utilize essential oils, you will like this article by Lisa Bedford, the Survival Mom.  20 All-Natural Recipes For The Cold & Flu Season gives you the recipe for 3 rubs and link to 17 more home remedies that you can use to fight the flu.

Teas that Hit the Flu Where It Hurts

Leah, over at Fabulous Farm Girl, has a Soothing Coconut Oil Tea recipe that is easy to make and tastes great!  You might find you want to drink this tea, even if you’re not having to fight the flu!

Elderberry is a very powerful immune booster that will help in your efforts to fight the flu.  This article at Survival Sullivan has recipes for Elderberry tea and syrup.  If you have elderberries growing around you, then check this article out – Elderberries, Natural SHTF Flu Remedy. If you don’t ‘have elderberries growing around you, you can still benefit from taking Sambucol, an elderberry syrup that you can purchase online.

Another easy to make recipe that will help you fight the flu is shared by my friend over at Herbal Survival.  Nick’s article gets straight to the point.  If you don’t have the herbs that make up his tea, you should definitely think about adding them to your stockpile.  Take a look at A simple but Powerful Cold n Flu Tea.

And you don’t want to miss the Top 5 best herbs for treating the flu over at Natural News.  You have seen a few of the herbs mentioned in the above articles, but there are three included in this article that have not come up.  Make sure you take a look at these!  You never know what might do the trick!

When You Put On the Gloves and Fight the Flu

Unfortunately, there might come a time when you will have to fight the flu.  In those times, you will want to fight with extreme prejudice and kick some flu butt!  Two of my favorite people in preparedness share how to do just that.  You will want to read the article by Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, over at Doom and Bloom, Influenza, Part 4: Treatment.  The other articles in the series are linked in this article so you can get some great information from professionals who know how to fight the flu!

Pam, over at Brown Thumb Mama, put together an article on what she did to fight the flu in 24 hours.  The solution she shares just might come in handy when you don’t have time to be sick!  Who does?  Check out her article, How I Beat The Flu in 24 Hours, Without Medicine.

Now, this article is super secret.  It shares a host of natural herbs and reasons why you would want to use them to fight the flu.  But, the website is not up anymore.  However, thanks to the power of the Way Back Machine, we can still get the information.  Check out Herbal Cold & Flu Remedies.

Prevention is the Best Medicine to Fight the Flu

Your best flu-fighting efforts should keep you from even getting the flu.  My friend Dale at Survivalist Prepper shares 15 Natural Ways to Fight the Flu. These are ways we need to be reminded of and execute as we see the flu trend increasing!

Survivopedia put together an article called Cold vs. Flu? Do You Know the Difference?  You want to make sure you know the difference between a cold and the flu so you can treat yourself or a loved one correctly!

Laurie over at Common Sense Home shared a post on her site called Flu Prevention and Treatment – 10 Quick Tips, Old and New.  And although there is some overlap between some of the topics, there are others that have not been discussed, like “clean your nose.”

Would you want to know if there were food that could help you prevent the flu?  In 8 Natural Flu-Fighting Foods Your Kitchen (And Body) Need, Off the Grid News shares foods that help!  They had me at dark chocolate!

Lastly, I put together this short article on The Power of the Fist Bump.  This is something I encouraged all my students to do while I was on the campus.  I tried my best to help minimize germs from spreading.

Fight the Flu with Knowledge

It’s always a good idea to know what is going on “out there.”  This CDC map will give you a weekly update on which states are really dealing with the flu.  Check out the map – CLICK HERE.


Dealing with the flu is no joke!  It is always smart to be preventative to keep your family and yourself free from this deadly virus.  But if you have to, fight the flu in any way necessary!  You might use essential oils, teas, shower bombs, herbs or whatever will do the trick!  Now or in the SHTF, you need every resource to fight the flu!



Natural Ways to Fight the Flu

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