Fish Antibiotics for Human Use (no prescription required!)

Fish Antibiotics for Human Use (no prescription required!) | Knowledge Weighs Nothing: Believe it or not, many of the common antibiotics we are prescribed are also used to keep fish healthy in aquariums. Sceptical? I bet you are, but it is true! Most of the antibiotic medicines used to treat bacteria in aquariums contain just the one ingredient – the active antibiotic, and in many cases this is exactly the same antibiotic used for humans, nothing more, nothing less. The other strange thing is these aquarium antibiotics come in the same common dosages which are used on humans. To me that seems very strange. I have checked several sources, some of which were created by medical doctors and below is a list of aquarium branded medicines which contain commonly prescribed human antibiotics:

FISH-MOX which is Amoxicillin 250mg (
FISH-MOX FORTE which is Amoxicillin 500mg (
FISH-FLEX which is Keflex 250mg (
FISH-FLEX FORTE which is Keflex 500mg (
FISH-ZOLE which is Metronidazole 250mg (
FISH-PEN which is Penicillin 250mg (
FISH-PEN FORTE which is Penicillin 500mg (


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