Food Storage: For Self-Sufficiency & Survival


There are a few givens in preparedness. One of those givens is that you SHOULD be prepared with food! There are many ideas and opinions on how to be prepared with food storage. Some will tell you that you need to have MRE’s. Others will tell you to only buy Freeze Dried Food, pre-packaged cans from an LDS cannery, can your own, copy can and even grow your own. I’m in the camp that you should have some of everything. They all have their disadvantages and advantages.


I guess that is one reason why I am happy to recommend Angela Paskett’s new book, Food Storage: For Self-Sufficiency and Survival. Paskett covers the main areas of food storage and packages the content in organized, easy to reference chapters.


From what to store for 72 Hour Emergency Kits to storing food for long-term storage, Paskett takes the mystery out of food storage and provides the readers with easy to understand instructions on how they can keep food for their families in emergency situations.


A sampling of the chapters include:
• Food for 72-Hour Emergency Kits
• Food for Short-Term Emergencies (2 weeks – 3 months)
• Food for Long-Term Emergencies
• Storing Water
• Packaging Dry Foods for Long-Term Storage
• Sustainable Food Storage
• Using Your Food Storage


Each chapter, besides being full of useful information, is loaded with recipes and tips like: making your own Homemade Survival Bars, 12 Emergency Water Uses, Using Powdered Milk to Replace Canned Milk Products, Building a Dakota Fire Pit and more.


I also think that the appendix has some useful planning and worksheets that can be downloaded. Some of these worksheets include: One Year of Food Chart, Master Menu, Dry to Fresh Conversion Table and Food Storage Tools You May Need.


Food Storage: For Self-Sufficiency and Survival can be purchased online at Amazon.


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