Free Resources For Homesteaders (And Those Who Wish They Could)

Are you hoping to learn new skills or simplify your life this year? We have collected some amazing resources for you! From improving your health and wellness, to learning new skills in the kitchen, barnyard, or garden, we have amazing FREE resources from our Homestead Bloggers Network member websites. Go and connect with them now and enjoy the brilliant resources they’ve put together for you. If you’re a blogger with a free resource you want to add to the list, see below.

Self-Sufficiency and Independent Living Resources

5 Pillars of Self-Sufficiency 5-Part Video Series – Learn how to create your food storage and pantry plan with home canning, increased harvest and seed saving tips.

7 Principles of Intentional and Self-Sufficient Living eBook – An ebook explaining the philosophies of the self-sufficient journey and how to embrace it no matter where you are in life.

Stepping Stones to a Simple Life eCourse – Are you tired of living in chaos and overwhelm? Wish you had more time to do the things that are truly important to you? This free eCourse will help you live a more simple, intentional life.

10 Lesson Homesteading eCourse – 10, bite-sized nuggets to help you consider all the basics on how to get started building the homestead of your dreams.

How to Save Money Homesteading eBook – A guide on how to save up to $2500/yr homesteading. It reviews 5 main areas and details how to save money with each area discussed.

Homesteading Guide and Action Plan – A step-by-step guide to getting started on your homesteading journey now (plus printable worksheet).

How to Get Your Own Homestead Started: No Matter Where You Live eBook – This resource provides ideas for getting your homestead going, even if you are in the city.

52 Homesteading Skills in One Year Challenge – A PDF of 52 homesteading skills organized by month and week so you can make your farming dreams a reality.

Natural Health and Wellness Free Resources

9 Herbs for Beginners eBook – An introductory guide to herbalism including herbal remedies and mini plant monographs for nine popular herbs!

Top 12 Essential Oil Profiles – Learn what makes everyone’s favorite essential oils tick! Each is unique so learn what makes each essential oil special.

10 Herbal Teas That are Already in Your Kitchen eBook – Getting started using herbal teas doesn’t have to be expensive! You probably have at least 10 of them in your spice rack already.

Learn to Relax with Herbs eBook – This 20 page eBook explains how to use easy to find herbs to relax and deal with stress. Find herbal profiles as well as recipes you can use at home.

How to Make Infused Oil Video Class – Includes a free herbal medicinal chart for easy reference.

10 Herbal Remedies eBook – Learn about our ten favorite herbs and how to use them at home!

Twelve Favorite Essential Oil Blends Guide – Learn about some favorite essential oil blends in this eBook, and how to make an aromatherapy spray, how to make a roll-on, and more!

Gardening How-Tos And Free Resources

How to Get Started Gardening – This 5 day free email course will walk you through getting started with your first garden so you save money and grow your own delicious vegetables!

Starting Seeds Like A Pro eBook – Tips & tricks for starting seeds successfully to get a jump start on growing this year!

5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow – Our top 5 picks for the easiest vegetables to grow! Great for beginning gardeners.

Free Checklist for Nitrogen Fixing Plants to Grow – Do you know which plants you can use as live cover or mulch in your garden or orchard to improve your soil quality?

10-day  Basics of Gardening eCourse – Free email series that will cover the ten basics of gardening for food to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Guide to Organic Soil Amendments eBook – Discover which soil amendments will catapult your garden to the next level!

The 5 Best Crops to Grow for Food Storage Video Class – This is a 45 minute gardening video course that covers the 5 best crops to grow for food storage.

Garden Journal Page Printables – Free download printable garden journal pages from the author of Backyard Farming Guide.

Kitchen Resources for the Heart of the Home

5 Week Meal-Planning Tool – Plan 5 weeks worth of meals in under 2 minutes with this free and easy, automated meal planning tool!

Sourdough Secrets Tips and Tricks Worksheet – Get a free printable with tips for making the best homemade sourdough bread ever!

Free Canning Lid Labels Printable – Label your canned goods with this free lid label printable to make your own homemade stickers.

What is Traditional Food, Anyway? – Learn about the basics of a Traditional Foods diet so you can better understand about healthy fats, grass-fed meats, raw dairy, fermented foods, and more!

8 Ways to Preserve & Store Eggs eBook – It can be feast of famine when it comes to egg production in the hen house. Learn to take advantage of periods of abundance by preserving your extra eggs to see you through leaner times.

Free Resources for Livestock Care and Management

Keeping Backyard Chickens Checklist – The chicken checklist walks you through preparing for backyard chickens plus room for notes.

Raising Healthy Chickens: 5 natural remedies your flock will love you for! eBook – Using fully researched and evidenced authorities, this free downloadable booklet explains how natural resources such as weeds, herbs and even dirt can help save your chickens from itching, stress, bugs and other poultry problems.

16 Ways to Feed Your Chickens eBook – Discover a wide variety of ways to feed your chickens that will keep them healthy, happy and producing delicious eggs for your family!

Goat Health Record Printable – This is a downloadable form for tracking the health record for goats.

Raising Backyard Goats – Did you know miniature goats are small enough to be backyard livestock in suburban areas? Learn more about keeping them without a lot of land in this free course.

Habitat Housing for Rabbits – Read this e-book and learn how you can build a natural, safe, predator resistant environment for your homestead rabbits.

Rabbit Breeding Tracker Printable – Don’t let the dates and details get forgotten, keep track of it all in one easy location!


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