It is getting cold here in Ohio. I thought I would point out one of our winter issues. Out in the cold checking our traps and hunting after SHTF, means that we need to be aware of exposure. Especially Frostbite. Frostbite is the injury of tissue caused from exposure to cold, usually below 32°F depending on the windchill factor, duration of exposure, and adequacy of protection. Individuals with a history of cold injury are likely to suffer an additional cold injury. The body parts most easily frostbitten are the cheeks, nose, ears, chin, forehead, wrists, hands, and feet. Frostbite may involve only the skin (superficial), or it may extend to a depth below the skin (deep). Deep frostbite is very serious and  requires prompt first aid to avoid or to minimize the loss of parts or all of the fingers, toes, hands, or feet. I hope you have your antibiotics and how-to surgery equipment ready. Yikes.
Signs and symptoms
1) Loss of sensation (numb feeling) in any part of the body.
2) Sudden whitening of the skin of the affected part, followed by a momentary tingling sensation.
3) Redness of skin in light-skinned.
4) Blisters.
5) Swelling or tenderness.
6) Loss of previous sensation of pain in affected area.
7) Pale, yellowish, waxy-looking skin.
8) Frozen tissue that feels solid (or wooden) to the touch.

How To Treat
Face, ears, and nose.
Cover the affected area with his and/or your bare hands until sensation and color return.

Open the their shirt. Place the affected hands under the their armpits. Close the shirt to prevent additional exposure.

Remove their shoes and socks if he does not need to walk any further to receive additional treatment. (Thawing the casualty’s feet and forcing him to walk on them will cause additional pain and injury.) Place the affected feet under clothing and against the body of another person.


A) Rub the injured part with snow or apply cold water soaks.

B) Warm the part by massage or exposure to open fire because the frozen part may be burned due to the lack of feeling.
C) Use ointments or other salves.
D) Manipulate the part in any way to increase circulation.
E) Use alcohol or tobacco because this reduces the body’s resistance to cold.


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