I’m going to be out again for a few days without internet.  I’ll probably post an update when I get back here – www.preparedfaith.com.  This is my new personal blog.  I was going to try and post once a week, but I have been just too busy and my priority is here, the PW.

If you would like to look up a specific preparedness topic, you can visit the Topic Cloud.  Also, if you haven’t “LIKED” us on Facebook yet, please do.  You are welcome to post any links to articles or posts or feedback that you feel would be beneficial to the preparedness community.

Also, I have been Tweeting posts that I haven’t necessarily linked to the Prepper Website.  If you are not following me on Twitter, you can do that here.

Lastly, I would like to take a minute to thank the sponsors of the site.  My purpose in starting PW was to provide a  place where people could link to great articles and websites.  I didn’t realize how much interest there would be in sponsoring the site.  It is a blessing to be sponsored like this, so I would ask if you would kindly visit my sponsor’s sites.

Thank you for being a loyal reader of the Prepper Website!



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