Hillbilly Mom – Cucumber trellis

Supports in your garden will not only make your life easier, it will promote your plants to grow up and out and give it ample room to make more produce for you. Cucumbers can be kind of a pain to harvest. If you train them to go up a trellis, it will make picking them and caring for them much easier.

cucumber trellis upper left


side view of cucumber trellis

Cucumber trellis:

I used 2 x 2 lumber which you can buy or just cut a 2 x 4 in half lenght wise.

I used 4 each at 48 inch long or longer if you like but 8′ pieces of lumber cut in half is the least expensive.

I then used a small cabinet hinge to secure 2 of the 2 x 2’s together at the top so as to form a hinged joint.

I then used a piece of 1 x 3 lumber that was 48″ long and secured one at the top and 6″ from the bottom
on each side of the hinged supports, which now gives you a 48 inch long by 48 inch tall trellis.

I then drilled some holes into the 2 x 2’s at 12 inch on center which were used to string some sort of
stringer either twine or wire so that the stringers were horizontal for the cucumber vines to hang onto.


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