Hillbilly Mom

Part 1 Rabbits

We have just finished the first phase of constructing the unit that will be holding my six meat rabbit cages. In the designing part of this project I wanted to suspend the cages in order to duplicate the video that I had seen on “raising rabbits”. This design wasn’t going to work for me, since my daughter would have thought the cages were her own set of swings and for the fact that there is no ceiling in our shop to suspend them from. I can see how the suspension design, which is basically hanging the cages from chains from hooks in the ceiling of a garage would work for people that want to raise rabbits in their garage that does in fact have a lower ceiling. We also had some early hesitation about the suspension design because we were worried about the cages sagging without support underneath them.

Instead we went with a basic “bakers rack” design that we will screw directly into one of my inner walls in the shop. This will give support to the structure and make it kid proof. We also decided we could make the rack out of wood, as long as we covered it all with sheet metal so the rabbits wouldn’t chew, urinate or defecate on the wood.  I will put up the next phase of constructing the cages when they are complete. As for now here are a few photos of my project.

The next phase is the construction of the actual rabbit cages and if you are looking to do this yourself please remember that each rabbit needs their own separate cage. This is your only way to control the population and breeding “time” for them. I will have a constant three rabbits, which will be my breeding trio, one proven buck and two mature does. The extra cages will just be holding cages for the offspring until they are of age to be butchered.

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