Holding Your Ground

Holding Your Ground
Prepper Press

If the SHTF and society spirals down the tubes, many preppers will rely on their preparations. But how many preppers have thought about defense preparations beyond buying firearms and ammo? Holding Your Ground, by Joe Nobody, provides the reader with a comprehensive assessment that they can use to evaluate their defense situation. Not only will a prepper come away with an assessment that puts a number on their defenses, but they will come away with detailed and professional information that will allow them to make informed decisions/changes to their home or bugout location.

At the very heart of the book is a worksheet that allows you to input values that rate your current defensive situation. The worksheet is an electronic worksheet, but a paper/pencil worksheet is available as well. As you read the book, an icon appears at times where the section that was just read should be evaluated an data input into the worksheet to come up with an assessment number. To improve your home or bugout defenses, a prepper would just have to review their assessment and the individual sections to see where an increase is more viable and effective.

Nobody provides two “critical situations” when having a plan to defend your family and home are important: “The government no longer provides security, either locally or nationally.” And, “there is a disruption in the food supply.”

The book uses terminology that military personnel will be familiar with. However, Nobody does a good job in explaining terms and making a plan not seem unattainable for the average or non-military person.

The book “is divided into 5 primary sections:
1. A Methodology for Preparing – rules and tests to use before you take steps
2. The Terms – basic terms, phrases and definitions you need to know about defense
3. The Initial Assessment – what is the status of your defensive capabilities right now
4. How to improve your plan – things you can do to increase your capabilities
5. The Author’s Plan – To be used as an example and perhaps initiate new thinking.”

The book is a must for every prepper who is preparing for an unknown future. It is only considered common sense to go beyond owning weapons and put real thought and action to the protection of your loved ones and home.

Holding Your Ground is a recommended read. You can purchase it here – http://prepperpress.com/holding-your-ground